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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: your reply is not only acceptable, but excellent. My applause

I agree totally to whatever you said. Only thing I might add is that not only "suspecting what the public might think of her.", might also supsect what the people around might think of her. Also the scars left on her little heart might be really too deep in her early age from the environment she was working.

She always said she only found herself on the stage, I wonder why, and also a pity,that none of her friends helped her to overcome this obstacle in her life or weakness in herself.

ana, now please tell us what if a person, or Mui, should do if she found this problem in her life. What other people could do to help her to boost up her self confidence in order to overcome the inferiority complex? And what other remedies would you like to advice? Thank you in advance!

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Woodstock & Dana, thank you for both your questions and answers. You made me think again.

I agree that we should not dwell so much on the past especially for the unhappy experiences. However, it is not a easy task when the hurt is so deep and painful. Anita's childhood, or lack of childhood ,her brought-up were not just s scar. Having a scar means that you have recovered, it was a bleeding wound. Recovery takes time. Rumours, gossips, misunderstandings and negative comemnts from the media never left her alone. She was continuously being reminded of the unhappy past through her songs and even movies. There were all sorts of insinuations about her private life and romance in the magazines, newspaper. Even TVB produced a soap many years ago insinuating her and many other artistes (A really disgusting soap). I doubt if anyone can walk out from the shadow easily in such an unhealthy environment.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Grandma: Thanks for making me look at the whole thing one step further. Yep, the wound never healed. When it stopped bleeding for a little while, someone poked at it again, got injured once more. Mui forever lived in the shadow of her past, as she wasn't given a chance to recover. But she was brave enough to live on in such an environment where the media plays a major role. Right?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Woodstock,Dana, Angel & Grandma

Hmn...profound discussion.. yea...

Somehow i felt otherwise. Anita gave me the feeling that she's not the bit bothered by her past as she knew very well that if without her childhood experiences she won't be the Anita Mui that we all knew.Her past experience actually moulded her into such a Great & Accomplished Performer and that this past had actually given her everything that she had.

Just imagine,40 years of life and 36 years of them in performing..simply one can replace her as none will have the kind of experience and training at so young a age.

From past articles & interviews,can be read that her inferior complex was that she felt that she did not have a proper education,she knew about nothing else except singing. She probably felt out of place as everyone had some form of education.

I felt that she had shown great improvement in knowledge since the 90s (she said that she read more and even watched more informative programme to improve herself). i thought taking up the movie "Midnight Fly " in which most of the dialogue was in english, was a great step for her as she was not confident in speaking the language. She spoke relatively well ! Notice recent years that she used more English during interviews.

Her group of friends...sign...sad to say this...but are of no help to her at all ... Really !!! They could have encouraged her more and talked to her more often so as to help her re-assured herself. BUT then....most artists have got their own problems too..well....

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hello! Woodstock, ngel, grandma, Mossimo n all..

Thank you so much for your 'small little thumb', hugs n kisses, Woodstock N why only 11roses, Woodstock? As before, Angel gave me 11roses n Im supposed to be the 12th..hee..hee.. What is your definition of your 11roses, Woodstock?

Should it be an unpleasant past/lack of education, Anita did has a sense of inferiority, then.
Being traumatized[exposed to pain n sufferings etc since small should posed a greater damage, for lack of education, Im sure more than a handful out there in society have little/no education, could be professionals too. Education is not a problem as it is within reach, anytime, anywhere, regardless of age, yea???

Well, Im not qualified to give any advise/suggestions as Im only a student, Woodstock. I can only give you my views to your questions.

The problem lies w/her n she has to find a way to conquer it..seeing a psychologist will only help her to realize the root of her problem[her inferiority] but will never 100% help overcome it.[I remembered an article, yea..from one of her past interviews, she was interested n had tried to read more on psychology. She could be trying to find a solution to overcome her problem on her own{which should be a good motivation from herself} Why on her own? ..once again its the media's interference.] The onslaught of the media has always been the main culprit from the 1st day she was recognized. Being a Superstar, she should know that most tabloids write trash even after death ..she could demand the press to shut up but then theyll probably labelled her a 'stuck-up snob'

She needs to accept her own identity, acknowledged her past, be proud of her achievements n success n the fact that she did it all on her own. If she cant accept herself, no amount of supportive words from anyone can help her[doubt there is a bosom friend that she can confide in furthermore, as mentioned by Woodstock, Anita prefered to keep everything to herself.]

But I understand n do believed Anita gradually did overcome her problem, finding peace n tranquility towards the later stage of her career

Dear grandma, no matter how difficult her path was, Anita never gave up. Anita was a survivor w/an indomitable spirit

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Helo Dana

U sure reply fast..

Yea, right, education is never a problem..she can always get it back later, but then again, she also mentioned that she was more happy singing on stage then going to school....well, u know her,for all u know,she porbably be bored if she'll to go back to school again...

Yes, agreed that she finally came to terms with herself later on BUT it's sososo sad that it's also at the ending part of her life too

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi! ana! Skin Grafting's over and has completely healed , that's why now I'm back into posting! I miss all of you and can't wait to answer your old questions. Btw, nice discussion you have in here....thanks for all those who have shared and have given their 2 cents on the given discussion, thus, making us, readers do our own Q & A on what is really behind Anita's inferiority complex, it's effect on her and her career. I agree though with Dana's opinion. Well said

So, Dana back to your old question re: WTMWTW and DOAD. Since you are asking which one from the 2 movies do I prefer, I'd choose WTMWTW. Though you are right that both of these movies are not really concentrated/focused on her. But between the two, I'd picked WTMWTW, for the reason that I guess, have been greatly influenced from what I've read that Anita was not happy with the result of DOAD, thus she was seen alone and drunk in Happy Valley...

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi all,

You’re correct to say that Anita had gained more confidence in later years which was evident in her starring of ‘Midnight Fly’. She did take up something that she was not familiar with. Without the Anita at ‘Lai Yuen’ we won’t have the Anita at Hong Kong Coliseum. Her past experiences was a ‘two-bladed sword’. It provided a foundation for her future glamorous showbiz, it also helped to shape her personalities as a determined, courageous, invincible superstar.

Woodstock , you asked ‘But she was brave enough to live on in such an environment where the media plays a major role. right?’ and Dana, you said ‘no matter how difficult her path was, Anita never gave up. Anita was a survivor w/an indomitable spirit’. Yes, given her strong character, bravery and determination, she did ‘survive’. But she had shouldered all her sorrows, regrets, hardships and responsibilities too much. To curb one’s feeling of inferiority, one needs to let go the unhappy past not to endure it. Once the spotlight dimmed, applause stopped, screaming ceased, she had to face her inner-self all alone. Lack of formal education is just an explicit reason of inferiority. Her simple and humble wish of having a ‘sheer’ family was never fulfilled. The things that we ordinary people take for granted are so remote to her. She needed a family of her own, she needed emotional support from her family members, but what she did get in return? Her sister passed away & the other family members ......

I do believe she was trying hard to get over this but fate decided the otherwise.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hello ladies and ladies: you know this is a very interesting topic, though we will never find a true answer, as only Mui would know better why she couldn't shed her inferiority complex, our discussion will help us to understand her better, and in a way might even help ourselves.

As I just finished translating part of her interview "Larger than life", I clearly remembered how she stressed the importance of book knowledge, one can never be happy if one being too particular, and too stubborn always dwelling on the past. One must untie his knots himself before he can really be happy... This is exactly what our scholar ana quoted from her book, in other words Mui did read a lot of book on psychology.

Thus book theory is important, but how to put into practice is more difficult. Here comes Mossimo's belief "They could have encouraged her more and talked to her more often so as to help her re-assure herself", I fully agree to Mossimo. But I'm afraid they are not the type who are capable of doing this. Often you read in the paper, someone would say you know how stubborn she was, she would not listen to anyone. Partly it was true, because Mui said in her previous interviews that she seldom listened to anyone except one person, that's her foster father, Ho Kwun Cheong. In other words, Mui would listen to you, if she thought you were more knowledgeable than she was. It's a pity, she stuck with that group of friends and never be able to find one she adored, one she could rely on for advice after Mr. Ho passed away.

Mui repeatedly mentioned that she regretted that she didn't have any proper schooling, but I think experience gained through life often is more valuable than book knowledge. Guess she should be explained and assured that she was expert in her own field, she was a true professional, she shouldn't feel ashamed of herself only because she didn't have a diploma. There are other artists bestowed with honorary degree from different universities. But Mui never got one. If she got such an acknowledgement, would it help to boost her self confidence and get rid of her inferior complex?

Grandma said " She needed a family of her own,..." Could her failure in her numerous love affairs be attributed to her inferior complex too? She often mentioned she was doing too much for the other party. Could it be possible that she wanted to prove she was capable of doing everything too much, the underlying reason is due to inferior complex?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman


How abt now? 'slow' enough for you?

Schooling shouldnt be bored for her, she could always do it in the privacy of her home at any time convenient to her, Mossimo ...
I know its short-lived n sad but at least Anita gets to accept her own identity which should be a great achievement for her

Hi June, aint it wonderful, now that youre as thick skin as Woodstock Aww..thank you for your compliment.

Yea? I wasnt aware, 'DOAD' was a flop. Anyway, its now history, I supposed. Ive always wondered, June, whenever a new script/role is available, is it Anita, herself decide in accepting/should it be her manager? Or should there be a discussion between them?

Hi Woodstock, grandma

In respond to your question in para4, Woodstock, if shes studying to improve herself thats great but if shes doing it to improve her image to the public..Why should she??? Success comes from different forms, people w/education doesnt necessarily do what their degree dictate. Lots of crooks are educated people too. What should matters most is her heart n her beliefs. Anita was a good person n no matter if shes been poor/has no prior education, people will always look up to her. Besides, shes not illiterate at all.

**Grandma said " She needed a family of her own,..." Could her failure in her numerous love affairs be attributed to her inferior complex too? She often mentioned she was doing too much for the other party. Could it be possible that she wanted to prove she was capable of doing everything too much, the underlying reason is due to inferior complex?** ...could be, lack of self confidence always associates w/inferior complex..w/out it she couldnt trust her guy completely, will always have a certain amount of suspicion. Sensitive abt inabilities, certain fear n imaginations could make her set too high an expectation for herself to make the other party happy.
All these combinations could be factors of her inferior complex.

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