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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: Why are you looking for me everywhere? You are our only Little White [Rabbit] and our Young Lady too. , might be another Little White [Rabbit]here

You shouldn't act like a Color Wolf when you saw Mui, your hug and kiss would just frighten her. You should act politely like a young lady by asking her if you could hug her or kiss her as you were her kwei mei fan

If you ask your Asian friends "Gam Maan Jat Hei Heoi Wet?" see what's their reaction.

I don't know the exact meaning when they mentioned "fung kai", I think, you know "funky, funky lar", dancing on the beach.

This interview was re-played on 12/31/03, I think the original interveiw was taken in 2002 during Mui's 2Oth anniversary and for the promotion of Mui's new album "With", by Commercial Radio. Any fans bother to comfirm about this?

Have I answered all your questions, ana? You'd better go sleep early tonight, cover yourself all up lar

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

To Woodstock & Dana, it is time for old grandma to give you a lecture on outdated Cantonese slang.

W: Also during one period, all went to the beach, bringing a cassette player, to FUNG kar!

To 'fung' the casette player means to turn the volume and the 'base' to the highest. The 'classic' posture of carring a cassette player is to hold the player with just one hand & place it on one shoulder. Do you get what I mean ?

Woodstock, don't claim that you're great grandma if you have not 'fung kei' before.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi! Woodstock, yep! thank you so much for answering my questions But I wouldnt want to frighten Anita, shes kind-hearted n Im sure shell welcome my hugs/kisses
hmm...informally used, wolf..yea..'man seduces women' but whats that got to do w/colour, Woodstock? Colour wolf?? Does it make any sense to you, grandma?

Awwwwwww......this is tough! Goodness! How am I supposed to pronounce that, Woodstock!!! 'gam[game]maan[ma'an]jat[jug]hei[hay]heoi[hero]wet' Is that right, Woodstock? Gee! What does it means, Is maan a game n the hero[winner] go 'wet'?

Thank you, grandma. Yea..I get to visualize clearly the way youve described it.

Mon charmant, doux, Angel, you had better come up/I wont reply you/I aint gonna talk to you/youll sure miss my 'chasing'..YEA? S'il vous plaît, mon ange

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

(onze schattige lieve)Dana, I'm only a little bit , knowing you are cutie rabbit, of course you are faster than me to come up

Woodstock, we always forget our lovely Dana is a Kwei Mei Zai, so she would not understand why the wolf has "colour"

Thanks Grandma for your explanation, I didn't know carying that cassette player like this, has a Chinese slang for.

Well, thanks Dana for bringing up these Chinese slangs, every day, we can learn a little bit more !

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Nope, grandma, I wont coz I aint gonna do what Woodstock suggested as I wouldnt want to disappoint all you lovely ladies efforts. To grandma, , luv you.

My dearest Woodstock, pls. wake up n dont be mad. Yea..w/those pinyins I could practice singing along w/Anita. When it comes to actually speaking it, its different. I admit I didnt do my homework before analysing that sentence, Im sorry.
Ive looked through the pinyins repeatedly n could be confusing though, briefly for example;
gam has more than one meaning, 感, 今, 禁
maan 萬, 晚, 漫
yat 一, 日
hei 起, 稀
heoi 去, 許

After much hearing, reading n refering, hope this is what you've written, 今晚一起去WET?

Hello mijn zoete en oude speelkameraad, dank u voor omhoog komst, Angel. Have you seen a colour wolf, Angel, since grandma doesnt even know the answer.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

To ana, you are really smart. Smart not just in the sense that you can make out what Woodstock said,but you notice that with the same pinyin, it associates with more than one chinese character, thus, more than one meaning. For pinyin to be accurately prounced, it is not enough to just spell out those 'alphabets' it also needs to 'mark' the intonation behind those alphabets. For Cantonese, the same pinyin can have six tones. Just take 'jan' as an example , six tones of the pinyin are jan1, jan2, jan3, jan4, jan5 & jan6 representing the pronunciation of 因,隱,印,人,忍,刃 . You can ask your Chinese friend (preferably Cantonese) to pronounce these chinese characters, see if you can hear the difference. I didn't mark the intonation in the pinyin lyrics because the pinyin is for you to along and you also get the melody. But for conversation, it is difficult to pronounce correctly without the intonation. I hope you understand what I mean.

Regarding the 'colour wolf', of course I know what it means but I didn't notice you ask 'me' about it. 'Colour wolf ' is a direct literal translation from Chinese. You know the meaning already, but why 'colour' ? Because 'colour' in chinese also has a derogative meaning of lust & pornographic, understand ?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Thank you ladies: Audrey, Angel, Woodstock n grandma.

It aint easy, Audrey, especially when 'poor' dana accidentally unleashed the from a fiery oodstock ..I had to keep on singing:
快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快

快 叫 火 燭 車 火 速 的 到 步

他 他 他 燒 滾 我 I do my 'homework'..

Angel, thank goodness you didnt get to meet such a lustful+lustful wolf. Better avoid getting home late, yea?

Yea..Woodstock, I really do hope so n of course I do, 'tonight we go out together to wet', right? But strange though, my friends couldnt understand as they havent come across such a cantonese slang, 'wet'. Could it be outdated, Woodstock?

Need your confirmation, Woodstock. At this site:
Is that the correct way of writing? If so, WOW! I could practice writing Anita's name! Thanks in advance.

Btw, Woodstock, if you dont how would you know that I n when I do youll be even more

Thank you so much, grandma[the wise one] for both explanations. Doesnt look complicated..yea..I do get to understand most of it. Well, thanks to you ladies, I did realized the different usage n meanings of the single chinese character. Unfortunately, my asian friends can only speak fluent cantonese but unfamiliar w/written chinese

As for excellent pronunciation I dont think I could do it on my own might need professional help.
Pls. check your mail, grandma n Im ....

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana,here you are:

I am Mou Lien-hsien
I miss the sentimental courtesan Mai Chiu-chuan
She's admirable in sound and personality
Peerless in talent and appearance
As we are separated from each other
I keep cool at night alone in a boat
Look at the swallows against the setting sun
Buried in thinking along against the window
I hear the sounds of the fallen petals of wu-tong (i.e. chinese parasol tree)
The sight of the withered willow in cold mist
Adds further to my sorrow
Pity me pining after you in melancholy facing the moon in sorrow

(I didn't translate it, I just copied it from the VCD, I only add the explanation of wu-tong)Hope that you enjoy it. Actually the english translation is easier to understand than the original chinese lyric.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi grandma, wow! 'midnight express'! Thank you so much! It is a soft n melancholy song. Ive been watching 'rouge' n hearing this opera song, God! wondered how many times n finally w/your help grandma, I get to know what the song is abt n could understand those expressions on Anita's face as she sings.
Thank you, grandma. Havent forgotten your desserts for you, grandma.

Dearest Woodstock, where are you?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: your Chinese is really getting very good . I really don't know why your Chinese friends can't understand, are you speaking with the right intonation? as Grandma already mentioned to you. Actually in any language, if you don't speak with right intonation, it will sound very funny, and people might not understand you at all.

Another very possible reason that your friends don't understand you is : Since you are so young, under-aged for night life, guess your friends too, so how would they understand some "privileged" words for the adults . Right?

I have looked into the link you provided, yep, you can start to practice writing Mui's name now. Also don't forget to imitate her autograph when you know how to write her name

Little ana, you know when you become a great grandma one day, you don't really have to 888, people will come to 888 things to you This is the privilege of being a great grandma

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