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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi All

Talking about " who's the man, who's the woman" !
Dana, Anita said that she didn't performed well in that movie cos she it was reported that she was sick and having fever on & off during shooting, infact, if i remember correctly, she was supposed to go for operation as she was down with some throat/tonsillitis (sorry can't remember the exact word )problem in which after operation, she will temporary not to sing, knowing her,she just continue with the shooting first.

Yes, June i like this movie very much too, it's something close to herself, especially the part she was relating how she didn't have a childhood.... to Anita Yuen.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Mossimo; you have good memory "tonsillitis" is the right word. Mui suffered from tonsillitis (tonsil got infection) quite often in the past. It meant physically she was very weak, so her immune system was very weak too.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Thank you Woodstock, AT, Mossimo. Hi Angel, June.

After reading through all the provided facts I had to rewatch this movie. I dont see any difference in her acting ability at all except for some fleeting fatigue that is slightly visible through an observant eye.

Yea..she was sick, the script wasnt ready n the shooting was unsatisfactory as mentioned but the director had pointed out that 'she was a different person when the cameras started rolling, a true professional who always gives her best 100%..which means no matter how sick she is her performance should be excellent..yep! as proven in this movie. Therefore, she need not be apologetic but she did. Evidently, she was indeed a sweet n humble SUPERSTAR

"He said she was not in her best physical condition, looked like something troubled her." Taken from Woodstock's posting, guess Anita must have been worried sick abt the upcoming operation n the inability to sing for a while. Did she go for the tonsillectomy n how long was she in recovery, Woodstock?
Surprisingly though, she returned to the music scene w/a BIG BANG, giving all her best in the 99concert.

Yep, I agree, June/Mossimo, if Im not mistaken that 'part' was a replicable shown in Anita Mui- A Life So Special, right? Compared 'WTMWTW' to 'DOAD', which would you rather watch, yea?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Wah...Dana... what is " DOAD "

Dream of a Dancer ?? , is it ???????

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Mossimo: You mean Dance of A Dream

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Woodstock Hi

Think so , the movie where Andy Lau's a dance instructor.
Dana's " DOAD " i guess must be this show.

Very difficult to remember HK movies english titles,
at times, i find the English titles can be kind of
"strange" ie, doesn't really match with the cantonese title Thanx Woodstock

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi! Woodstock, Its been more than 54hrs n still still havent answer my tiny little question
Guess youve been too much

Wah....Mossimo....I dont see any answers for my question? Yea? N dont dream too much of the 'dancer' ..should it be Anita, then its

Well, since our beloved June is still having 'skin grafting' in order to be as thick-skin as our darling Woodstock ,June , but we really miss you n hope youll be back ASAP, yea?

These 2 movies are neither my favourites. For 'WTMWTW', dont think the role is suitable for Anita. Having endured such a sad n deprived childhood its rather depressing as to remind herself what she had gone through. Question: Would anyone w/an unpleasant past, wish to remind oneself in whatever circumstances? In addition to the regard of this movie, the storyline does not focus on Anita at all.

'DOAD' is practically a demonstration of great dancing by Anita/AndyL, regretably not extensively shown as we all know how magnificient Anita was when it comes to dancing.

I rather watch my beloved 'wonder woman', yea right after finishing off here n...............

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Wah again..Dear Little White Rabbit & Young Lady Dana !

Care to tell me your beloved "wonder woman", what show is that

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Our Young Lady, ana: I think Mui didn't go for the tonsillectomy, because media never reported about it. As I already mentioned, one will have tonsillitis when one is physically very weak. She didn't work for a few years for movies after this 'WTMWTW' & "Eight Spring" . So Mui might manage to get rid of it by improving her health instead during those years. In fact, she did put on weight and look healthier, even prettier when emerged again after a long period of rest.

Agree with you that "DOAD" totally wasted the talent of Mui as being a good dancer. Many non Mui fans actually went to see the movie because of Mui, as they wanted to see her dancing. But of course it's a disappointment. The investor/producer thought by mistake that a comedy might have better box office. But really not necessary. Anyhow, even not many dancing scenes, Mui really looked gorgeous in that movie, and her dancing just mesmerized all the audience. It again proves "quality is more important than quantity". After watching her dancing, then watched the other one dancing, you would immediately tell what a great born dancer Mui was. Just Super

Cutie ana: you really have post a good but easy Question: Would anyone w/an unpleasant past, wish to remind oneself in whatever circumstances? Of course no lar. But I have a question for you in return: Should one always live in the shadow of the unpleasant past? In Mui's case, she is such a prominent artist, why she could not get rid of her inferiority complex except on the stage?

I won't rush you, take your time, but hope to get a satisfactory/acceptable answer from you, the expert in this field.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

My dearest Woodstock, thank you for your patience.

Question 1: Nope. We need to learn to move forward w/our lives. Our past is a lesson for us to learn n not for us to dwell on as life is too short to be always thinking of the past. We have to live for the present n for the future. Should one choose to hold on to the past, Im sure he/she will be unhappy n its like living in a world of the impossible which will affect their personality n their relationship w/those who love them dearly.

As for question 2: On stage, perhaps Anita believed that shes a different person altogether. She was a Superstar, w/her everchanging image, she could be anyone. Life on stage is abt a person who is glamorous n flawless beyond doubt, loved by everyone.
Those thunderous applause n screams of approval gives her encouragement. Besides that, it could also help to regain her lack of confidence. W/such an achievement she could be the happiest on stage as all thoughts of inferiority were abandoned.

Whereas when off stage, Anita might have felt inadequate w/out her costumes n the on stage effects. There is a possibility she is the type who has a tendency to dwell in the past n couldnt help suspecting what the public might think of her. The lack of self-confidence of her image from the past n the harsh realities of life could posed a major effect thus making her feel inferior once more.

Hope my answers are acceptable, Woodstock? Question again: Is there any reason for you to believe Anita might have this sense of inferiority, Woodstock?

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