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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Daphne

i'm Mossimo, nice to have u in this forum.

Pls continue, i love to hear ur story r U......isn't it nice to have ghostly story again !!! haven't heard for a while yeah....

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Aunt daphne, its scary just reading this part "the whispering returned and sounded like someone is calling my name." I suppose you could continue otherwise poor Mossimo will be the one staying awake everynight

Ill have Anitas 'heart sutra' accompanying me as I read through, yea!

Well, hello! Mossimo, Im fine, thank you! N you? Any good 'harvest' regd Anitas cds/dvds as youre still in HK?
You do enjoy ghost stories, do you have any to share w/us?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Mossimo: Hi, I hope you will still be when I finished the story Quoting from ana do you have a ghost story for us?

ana: That is a very smart idea to play MuiMui's Heart Sutra. Do not put it in your mind after reading it, okey?

After minutes of chanting she told me to sleep. The second night it started again but it was not the whisperings. The sound of some one's sobbing and it was so close to my ears. I got up immediately and looked around but there was nobody. I called to my roommate and she did the same chanting.
The next morning I told everybody about the two night's happenings.

Everybody was very scared and in order to calm us the special colleague{we called her the eye} told us not to be afraid because of her yin and yang eyes all ghosts will always be around her day and night. These ghosts are people who died in a very bad and unnatural death. They knew that the eye can see them and all they want is for her to help them to be reborn etc. Because the eye wont help them these ghosts will disturb whoever is around her.

We sat looking at each other not daring to move and one of us nodded her head questioningly at the eye hinting if any of those are around in this moment. The eye nodded her head and put up three fingers and moving her eyes indicated that they were standing beside us.

After that event the eye finally decided to shut her eyes. We do not know where she did it but she told us it was done in a temple with the help of a professional monk. So far none of us dare to ask if she sees those ghosts again and also no one is willing to go with her on any business trip.

So ana, these ghosts are always around day and night and only when a person is unlucky will get to see it.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi! Daphne! That was a real scary story you just told us my minds been refreshed by the HK movie "the EYE" which I saw in cable tv months ago , it's somewhat similar to the one you just written. Thanks for sharing!!!

I hope our dearest ana can still sleep

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Gosh! Its tough not to think abt it, aunt daphne. Im getting wild imaginations right now

Questions: Why do the eye has those type of eyes n how do these eyes first exist, should it be considered that people w/these eyes are sorta gifted or perhaps these type of eyes are their Karma?

Hi! une, aunt daphnes story is scary, yea, I dont know, guess Ill be tossing n turning n turning n tossing in bed........
Btw, what was that movie abt, une?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi June: If you are with us I think you will pack up and go home . Going through this experience made me lost some of my courage and you are right about "The Eye Movie" I think this movie was based on reality.

Dear ana: Never, never imagine because it is not healthy. The more you are afraid the ghosts will come after you .

Wah! I will have to do more research for your questions unless your "lecturer" Woodstock can give you the answers .

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Daphne

Thanks for your story. My boss's boss once went Thailand, Bangkok for some business trip, he was staying in one of those 5 stars hotels ( cannot mentioned names la ), one night, he heard a woman crying and he got up to see who was in the sitting area, and u know what a woman was sitting there looking straight at him and she asked him to jump down the window with her, ofcourse, this big boss didn't jump,he merely change room.....oh my boss asked him did the ghost spoke in thai or english ? she spoke english....apparently everytime he goes on a business trip, he had strange encounters especially Thailand......

sleep well Dana,will post a list of Anita's CDs whereabout in here later on....finally going home tomorrow.

after all the looking, searching in every hole N corner in Hong Kong for Anita's stuff, i'm now legs are giving way and whole body aching.....i need to ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

will post again, Ciao

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi! aunt daphne, alright...Ill try my best not to imagine but cant stop thinking though ...

Hi! Woodstock, your expertise is much needed here, pleeeeeaaaassee........

Thanks for sharing, Mossimo! Aww...youre so lucky getting so much ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....... Well, sweet dreams well be waiting.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Dearest Dana, you don't have to be afraid because if you are a good person, they will not come after you ! And like Daphne said, how more you think about it, how much more you will be attrack to it. And actually there are 'good' and 'bad' ones, so same like humans, maybe sometimes humans are more 'scary' than them...

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Dana, forgot something, better practice the new pinyins that Woodstock posted, be more afraid for performing for us !

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