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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman


At the index page of this website there is the blue banner above section about the Classic Moment Live Concert, that is the link to Mingpao for ordering this book, but the deadline for ordering was long overdue. So please don't pay by your visa card and order by internet.

Maybe you should call the phone # they provided (852)2515 5230 (Mr. Lau) to find if they will accept new orders.

As far as I know this book was sold out long time ago, and I doubt if they will ever publish it again even there is still further demand for this book as the legal case between Modern Beauty and Mui Music is still pending.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Thank you very much for the information, Woodstock. You are extremely helpful! I very much appreciate it. I will contact Mr. Lau.

If anyone does ever hear any news on any re-publishing, please let me know. It would mean deeply a lot to me.

My contact info are:

MSN Messenger: /

AOL Instant Messenger: SAMMI79

Yahoo Messenger:


Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hello all! I am new member to this forum. A very great website and all the pictures of MuiMui are beautiful. I enjoy reading this thread the most ana, you are so cute and funny ghosts are scary
I have admired MuiMui humble self, her performances actually everything of her. I was very sad but I accepted that MuiMui is gone and her spirit is always with us. Thank you webmaster and woodstock for keeping on the spirit of MuiMui.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Daphne: Welcome to this big family . I'm glad that you like our forum and website. Mui has brought us all together, and I'm pleased that we all treasure our friendly relationship and so far can maintain a harmonious atmosphere in this forum despite a few minor hiccups from time to time

No doubt ana has brought us a lot of laughter and tears (due to laughing), she will be back after her examination.

Hope you will enjoy the fun of this forum and get more inspiration from Mui Sprit

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

woodstock: Thank you for your warm welcome. Yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes unwanted attention is hard to avoid but you are doing fine in maintaining harmony in your forum.

MuiMui spirit is virtually indestructible and she will continue to be a great inspiration to all of us. We hear and read of so many great and worthy people, but here, before our very eyes is living evidence of what MuiMui did in the past.

Agree about ana . I will expect you back soon ana for auntie here has a ghostly tale to share.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: Auntie didnt forget . Do well in your exam.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

aunt daphne , anticipating but

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana, I'm so glad that you "come up" again, I miss you so much. It has been so quiet here without you.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

My most dearest GgWoodst ck , dana do missumissumissumissumissumissu lots.....

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: Auntie is very happy to see youre back. Are you comfortable enough to hear my story ?

You have read about the yin and yang eyes in the early discussion with Woodstock and this is what I am narrating.

I had a colleague and she has these types of eyes. We were on a business trip to Bangkok and were staying in a rented apartment. Actually, there are six of us altogether. We already know this special colleague has those yin and yang eyes so no one wanted to share the room with her. As only 3 rooms in the apartment we had to draw lots and decide who will have to be her roommate. I was the unlucky one but for myself I am not a superstitious or frightened type.

The night passed on quietly until I heard a small whispering sound. I looked over at my roommate but she was sound asleep. After a few minutes the whispering returned and sounded like someone is calling my name. I called out to my roommate waking her up and told her what I heard. She did not say anything but took out a string of beads and started chanting.

Do you still want me to continue ana because I do not want you to be awake the whole night?

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