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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Mossimo: You are so right that she's actually very pretty, and I also always kept on asking myself why she said she was not good looking. And it was really very mean for the media to comment her as "the ugliest best actress". Then a Kwei Lor fan asked me the same question why there was such a comment. My only explanation is that she doesn't have the look of the traditional ancient Chinese beauty: small mouth as a cherry, long narrow eyes, pointed nose. Mui has sexy lips, big eyes and big nose, very western look. But to me very attractive, pretty and charming

She was dancing by herself, so just like a floor show

Would you mind telling us what you have done then? Thank you in advance!

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Woodstock

Anita has one of those faces that can fit in both Modern & ancient time,that's why ,she never looked out of place in both ancient periodical or contemporary movies.She just looked very different from the conventional HongKong Singers/actresses. I guessed that's why the HongKong media just find her different.

Woodstood !, she's dancing by herself BUT definately not a floor show, the floor area was quite small in nature and her big group of actors/actress friends were with her but mostly dancing in twos except her. I was just beside her, really not much space to " spread "n that's why, we moved/squeezed a bit for her to bend down, ofcourse, she didn't,she probably realised n therefore just turned and put her leg up the plant n fixed her shoe lace.

Dana ,what can be more exciting than seeing her.
Another time that i saw her was watching a Hideiki Saijo concert in Singapore, apparently she was also watching the one nite concert with us BUT she was quite formal that nite, she had 2 pple accompanying her then and was more formally dressed. rest of the time that i saw her were more official eg,restaurant opening ceremoney, etc.

So the nite at the disco was really memorable, it was from 9 ++pm till 3.00 am, a full 5 hours with her.

Well, let's just say, given that close proximity with her, anyone of you would have gone up and talk to her, right ? It's the most normal thing to do.

But this here has decided to NOT DO ANYTHING BUT just admired her the whole nite.

I've can't remember a thing about what's happened around me that nite except what she's been doing.
Wow, such a long text better stop now !!!

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

I supposed you are right, Mossimo, just by seeing her could made you ..I wonder what would happened if Anita did noticed you n gave you a warm, sweet smile/walked over n chat w/you, Mossimo? + yea Thank you so much for sharing w/us your most precious moments w/Anita, Mossimo.

Wow! she was indeed a super Hideki fan, imagine watching his concert in HK n in Singapore. You, Woodstock n AT were most lucky to have so many encounters w/Anita Any pictures/specialities you had w/Anita to share, yea? I wonder how would Woodstock behave if she were there, Woodstock, yea???

Dearest Woodstock, I dont understand this sentence, taken from the 'song cover girl' conversation.
Lee: But you have had that, want 'wet' lar?

Btw, Woodstock, I do have that song, another 'treat' please? please..please..please..

To Lezard: Thank you so much! Really appreciate your generosity

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Mossimo: thanks for sharing your experience with us. Also thank you so much for leaving Mui to enjoy herself in her private time. From past articles, we learnt that Mui enjoyed dancing by herself, it meant group of people around her, and she just danced by herself for hours. Actually it was enjoyment to watch her, wasn't it? Her movement very graceful and rhythmic. Also it seems that she knew people was watching her, she didn't mind and at the same time enjoyed people's eyes gluing on her.

We wouldn't mind your long text, don't forget we are blood thirty about Mui's things
ana: I wouldn't have such luck to meet Mui in Disco, as when disco opens here it already passes great granny's bed time. If there was really such a chance, from my above passage, you would know I would leave Mui enjoy herself too, but would say hello to her as meeting an old friend.

"Lee: But you have had that, want 'wet' lar?"
Cantonese slang, "wet" meant having night and wild life, something like Sat night fever. So Lee meant Mui once had that type of life too. I think in English "wet" even has some deeper implication, ana, are you that innocent?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hello Woodstock

Why so " hug hey " !???
u r absolutely right,she was actually looking at us but i thought since it's her private time with her friends,let's not disturbed her.
Hope to meet up with all of u in Dec then can tell u more.Yes, it's one nite that i will remember for the rest of my life!!!

Woodstock, little Dana is our " White Rabbit "

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Mossimo: We are looking forward to hearing more about your encounter with Mui. Actually every time after I saw Mui, I got very excited and could not sleep that night

, Little White Rabbit. Hello ana, better "come ", we miss you

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

God! Mossimo!!! How could you be infected by an' '!!! Its 'young lady' not 'little'

My dearest Woodstock, I did miss you, guess I was too tired. Ive tried using your 'wet' n to my asian friends, I suggested: 'lets go n 'wet'. Asian friends: 'ok, see you at the pool'. How is it so, Woodstock? Is the 'wet' a common used slang?

Wouldnt comment on your 'deeper implications of wet'. Rather keep you in suspense You know, I was wondering there could be more 'white rabbits' in here..grandma/June/Angel/even Mossimo..I wonder if they know the meaning? Yea?? Any of you? You, Woodstock, might be the 'giant white rabbit'

Cool! Woodstock well, if I were there, I would respect her privacy too but its still hard for me not to resist to greet/hug her , yea!

"W:Also during one period, all went to the beach, bringing a cassette player, to Fung kar!"
What does it mean, Woodstock? Another slang? Btw, Woodstock, where/when were those interviews taken?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Okay, sorry, young lady Dana

Don't "wet" too much !

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Dana, you are always giving us so many surprises after long sleep this little you can keep I think your pronouncement for "wet" was wrong, so your friends misunderstood.
What do you want me to explain more about "wet" ? Woodstock explained already very clear. But people like me, if I go "wet", it's just going to watch movie and dinner, nothing "wild"

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

No worries, Mossimo n I dont go 'wet' that often

Is that all you do, Angel? wonder youre truly an We are in luck, though, found another 'white une

Hello! W dstock, we miss you, dana miss you lots, pls. come up..its the 27th today, two more days to go..its safer up here, Woodst ck, yea?

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