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Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Dearest ana, where are you? Look, I really don't like you to work over night for those lyrics. Since it is a birthday gift for Mui, you still have one month to work on those 7 songs, ! I know school already started, you'd better concentrate and spend all your time in your school work. I'd like you to be on Dean's list. So "come up" quickly. & I really worry about you

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Dearest Dana, thank you so much for all the pics of Mui ! and I really hope you will talk to us again because I don't want you being non-stop translating the lyrics and not sleeping

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Aaaaaaarrrrgghhhhh...Its not fair!!! ANGEL??????? As for you, Woodstock, do you have to be 'that' specific!!! Its embarrassing!!!

Ahhh...felt much better now. really think so, Woodstock?
Well, I dont know if they understood but I did speak slowly n even repeated it in english. Weelll..your 2nd reason could be right

Aww..doubt if I could imitate Anita's signature. Its too stylish n professional, guess theres no harm in trying, yea?

As in the translated past interview, Woodstock, is Anita's performance that bad in 'whos the man, whos the woman'? I dont see anything unusual in her acting, did you?

Im right behind you, Woodstock ..Are you sure 'demon' is worried abt me? Yea..right, umm.."after this mail you will not receive my mail"

I havent started on the lyrics yet, Woodstock, was busy uploading n transfering the Anita/Sammi's mv. Ill be fine, Woodstock

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Dana ! You are back ! why naughty ? I told you the reason, not satisfied ? ok, don't cry this with Skittles is for you !

Talking about 'whos the man, 'whos the woman', I like this movie very much and especially Mui's part.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: Don't quite understand what you meant "do you have to be 'that' specific!!! Its embarrassing!!!". would you like to elaborate?

About the movie [Who's a Woman and Who's a Man], her performance didn't make a great impression on me, I only remember it was a comedy, very funny. However, I remember Peter Chan, the director, in one of the memorial programs talked about Mui's condition when she was working for this movie.

He said she was not in her best physical condition, looked like something troubled her. Sometimes, she came to the studio very sick, but she didn't want to go home to rest, because she didn't want to slow down the production of the film if she took a day off. But Peter Chan said it was most surprising that she was a complete different person when on the stage and when the machine started to roll (He meant the shooting machine). Her energy level could suddenly become a few 10s times higher. He said: [The sound of machine, the word "Action", and the rolling of the machine are a kind of stimulant... She is full of glamour, a true professional who always gives her best, 100%]. Peter Chan gave her very high praise, as he said HK might not have such kind of artist, Shining Star for many many years. He also mentioned that she might give people the impression that she was furious, but actually she had no temper at all when she was working. He regretted that he didn't have chance to know her better.

I fully agree to Peter, HK will never have a Super Star like Mui anymore. No doubt she was a true professional and dedicated worker.

I hope I have related all the important points of Peter's comment. Any other fans bother to confirm or have something to add? Thank you in advance!

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Aaaaarrrggghhhhh!!! Nope! I rather most dearest n most adorable Woodstock

Since the director, Peter Chan had such confidence n excellent praises for Anita, its puzzling as to why Anita considered her own performance in this movie not up to her expectations. Well, overall her performance is acceptable n pleasing to watch. Have you seen this movie, grandma? June?

you have a good memory, Angel. How nice of you. Thank you..only skittles? No gelato? No pizza?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

I listened to the interview tape with Peter Chan in April of 1997 again. I did not ask him about Anita Mui’s performance in [Who’s the Woman, Who’s the Man]. But he said, [The movie is not about gender issue. The movie is about how Anita Yuen was unhappy and tried to get affection from Sam but it turned out that she got affection from a woman. The movie has a lot of pieces I like. But I really did not glue together. We had a hard time trying to get Anita Mui’s role to play because she is not a lesbian. And that’s her, her real life. That’s why I chose her. She had no childhood. The little rabbit, a white rabbit she kept mentioning, that she finally found it in Anita Yuen. She said, “You are the white rabbit I was trying to find.” That is innocence she has lost because she had become famous so young. She never had a life. All she has wanted to be is to have a normal life. … I put a lot of things but never glue together well. A part of the reasons is that we were really working on the script in the last minute. We were writing while we were shooting. The script was not done until the last day of shooting. Every single day we were rewriting. I got finally Anita Mui’s role straight about a half way threw the shooting. First two weeks Anita Mui did not know what she was doing. She had never understood her character because I could not tell her until a half way threw the shoot. It is a film we had to put out for something. …. The shoot was horrible. We never go home for one month and the shoot was in five weeks. It was a mad house.] Originally he did not intend to make a sequel but because he lost a lot of money on [The Miracle of Time], he had to make sort of quick money for the company. This interview may not be interesting to you nor confirm about Anita’s condition but you get some idea about how the shooting was like.
I found that Anita was so thin in the movie.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi! AT! Thanks for sharing that interview you had with the director, at least now we have an idea of what was behind the scenes of shooting that movie.

Hi! Dana! Yes! I've watched this movie and this is actually one of my favorites of Anita, cause as what AT shared from the interview, I find it very similar to her real life story, so touching.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

AT: I just finished reading the interview with Peter Chan you posted above. Are you a reporter? Was it your interview of Peter Chan? Have you had a chance to interview Anita? I am so curious.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Jan,

Yes, I am a reporter for Japanese publications. That was my interview with Peter Chan. My friend and I did meet Anita in Las Vegas in 2002 but that was like a chat with her rather than interview to her because we did it in English with an interpreter and Marianne answered more than half our questions.

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