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Heart Of Modern Woman

Never thought Ill get to read the english version of this book. Thanks again Woodstock for sharing with us.
ANITA, you are such a deeply compassionate person and a real fighter towards the final moment of your life.
Death is cruel but can be appealing too. I need to cry..

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana, is this the cheongsam you talking about?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: As I told Angel I didn't take this 3 images picture. I only managed to take a few of this kind picture during Gig, but not as great as this. Yep, can be regarded as a reward for you and to cheer all other readers up. Also I just learnt how to pose the pictures in forum

About the color of hair, if you were watching the concert live, you would find that Mui actually looked too pale in light hair, made her look old. I prefer her to be in darker hair, she looked better in darker color.

Would you please just quote the things you want me to explain or give me the date of posting, because I'm too lazy to look back what I wrote, and I sometimes lost in count too.

About the musical, I know Mamma Mia was played in different countries by different groups. But since this Australian Group is here, just wondering if you know it. In fact, I went to see this Musical during their premiere show in June already. Very entertaining and amusing. Not bad at all!

ana, see what you did? You made Grandma laugh like that, rolling on the floor Not good for old lady Really very interesting, some of it makes sense, but can't understand most of it. Can you yourself accept the English text that was translated from Chinese?

Grandma: 薯類Zei is supposed to be Yam Zei. So we can't really say it is wrong, as fan for 風扇, because it translates literally every word by itself

Okay, ana: another reward for you for your courage:

I bought this picture, so please don't give me any compliment.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: you relly gave me a . I think I lost the job as a translator for the web now . You know you did a wonderful job, I'm proud of you You rellay didn't sleep last night working for translation? But worth the effort. I have made minor changes, please go to the link to see the change I made, if you agree on that, I will upload as soon as you give me the signal. Meanwhile you can start on your next one tonight You don't have to stand at the corner anymore

Grandma & Angel: I really appreciate that both of you are helping me in the pinyin and translation. Grandma, your first try is really very good, keep it up Agnel you too, keep on going

To thank you all, a little bonus here, I bought at book fair:

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Angel: I know you like handsome guys, a special one for you

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

ana: Did I really sound that fierce? Actually I wasn't mad at all, your 1st translation really brought us a lot of laugher, that I already expected, as I mentioned before you might bring us "buckets of tears" of laughter by using that "toy". So I still believe, you just wanted an excuse to do transaltion . We are waiting for your next master piece.

You are right, I think Mui never showed "her true feelings/thoughts/emotions publicly", except on the stage, especially during CML, when she performed certain songs. That is what I think. But I might be very wrong, because I am just a fan of hers, not her friend or her staff.

As I promised, here you go:

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Partyliner Bill Hersey with the late Hong Kong pop icon Anita Mui and her tour secuity entourage on a Tokyo visit......

AT: Any idea what year that was? Thank you in advance!

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

AT: I can't help thinking that you do have wits of a detective

After a search at Tokyo Weekender, in issue of Jan 16, 2004 I found the following by Bill Hersey


Lost two good showbiz friends recently, and that’s never easy. The first was British film and stage actor Alan Bates. ..

The second was Hong Kong diva Anita Mui. I first met the gorgeous, outgoing pop singer and actress through actor and singer Leslie Cheung. He, as you might know, committed suicide last year. I got to know Anita better when she was a special guest at the musical evening that opened the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

After that, she stopped in at the Lex whenever she was in Tokyo. Anita, just 40, died of complications caused by cervical cancer. She’ll really be missed by family, friends and fans all over the world. "

So that picture must be taken at Soul Olympics 1988.

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi June, I'm amazed to hear that you have changed your mind and are going to have a duet with Dana . I'll start to save up to buy banner, neon sticks and whistle. I'll 'wash my ears and listen respectfully' to your Also, action speaks louder than words, please hand in your 'assignment', you can do it if you try .

ana, your second translation is really good .Waiting anxiously to see your another breakthrough -- duet with June. . Sorry, you made a mistake, I can't at all, .Since you have exempted Woodstock from singing, I can't see why I'm not on the exemption list. The result of granny and will be , then .

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi Dana

Yes, i have met her couple of times. A most memorable time was when she was in Singapore with the HK All Stars Football team. Met the whole group of them in a disco (oh, this disco was supposed to be owned by Alan Tam in the then Imperial Hotel )

Right, she was dancing just beside us,u see, the whole disco was kind of small. Not very many pple were there when we first arrived, just the whole group of us about 10 of us, and a few couples here n there. They came in about quite late,a big group of them, Eric Tseng,Max Mok,Ho Ka Keng,Alan Tam, Miu Kiu Wai n yes, her ex-boyfriend Ben Lam & many more.Think in one of the interview she mentioned that they actually started that night.They were all inside a VIP glass room when they were not dancing N we were just sitted outside the room. Anita was wearing red jacket & red short with ankle black boots. Oh yes,she was dancing alone N her shoe lace came loose, guess what she did ?

Re: Heart Of Modern Woman

Hi All !

We saw her looking at her loose shoe-lace n we actually move some space for her thinking that she would bent down to tie it BUT no...she lifted up her beautiful leg and put it against a plant behind her and just tie it with her one leg standing n one against the plant, like a L shape...

That very nite, i did something that no ARDENT Anita Mui fans in his/her right frame of mind would have done!

Woodstock's right, that was my first encounter with her, and all of us were so surprised that she looked so different on stage N in photo, she's got such GOOD complexion and most of my friends actually commented that she's actually quite pretty; why did she kept saying that she's not good looking !!!

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