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Re: Black-necked Grebe?

Hard to tell from that shot, but size compared to the swan in the foreground, and the bill size/shape look more like great-crested.

Re: Black-necked Grebe?

Thanks anyway, James.

Agree with Simon, has a GCG feel to it but also a bill that appears quite small and possibly upturned. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to produce a half decent photo of a bird that was either a GCG or a BNG and you wouldn't be able to be sure which - but it seems you can!

Re: Black-necked Grebe?

For what its worth, to me it looks just like a 1stW (born this year) Great Crested Grebe - has their jizz.

Re: Black-necked Grebe?

Thank you all...

Don't worry Andy I'm sure I can get some more awful photos posted in good time :-)