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Re: Swifts

I have just come back from the west coast of the Scottish Highlands and was surprised to see a swift flying low over the sand dunes at the bottom of Loch ewe. It was circling around with a group of swallows, hawking insects in the pouring rain a couple of meters above the sand. It seemed an unlikely spot for a swift considering the time of year.

Re: Swifts

thought this might be of interest. have conducted regular surveys in this locality
TA116EQ had good numbers through year at regular nest sites.
a, swift entered nest position 2nd sept @ 13.05
b,swift feeding overhead with group Hs martins 5th sept.
c, 2 swifts overhead 8 th sept 9.15am
d, 1 swift overhead 12th sept @ 19.10

All ovbservations made from this locality in Keinton Mandeville