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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Re: Question continued

Thank you Mr. Jacob:

That was all I was asking. Nobody knows right now. Mr. Mills is more concerend that we refine our currentmotion. Thee isn't a separate ground system. That was all I needed. And I agree that it's dificult to read a person's tone by the written word. I am not impatient. The questiosn cmae up in conversation, and my instructor didn't know. SO I thought I would go to the forum and simply ask. What gets me is how when someone asks a question they assume I am questioning Mr. Mills and the organization. Which I wasn't. And I do agree to a point that memebrship is a priviledge. But its a priviledge that comes with some assumptions. One of those bieng the right to aska question and not be accused of a hidden agenda.