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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Question continued

Bartholomew, I will try my best to answer your questions.

"OK, boy am I going to get it, but I ask these questions purely out of curisoity. My instructor had no idea so I thought I woudl post them here.
When will we see the rest of the brown two material? It's been several years." I know Mr. Mills is working on the rest of the curriculum. As far as when exactly - only he knows. Then he lets us know. That is how it works. He has many ideas for the upcoming material and for I we know, much of it is in there. If you have form 1,2, or 3, then you have solid multiple attacker scenarios. Mr. Mills told me many years ago, "Alan, there are ten levels to each technique. That does not mean simply ten different ways to do the technique. Your job is to start figuring out what that means and what those levels are."

"I was surprised that the new "lance" techniques weren't revelead at the camp since the schedule clearly said they were. Please don't cop out and say I should be satisfied with improving what motion I have now." I will cop out and say that you should be satisfied. If I watched you move right now, I am confident that there would be room for more work but mostly, more understanding. Mr. Mills told me one time way back when Mr. Parker would come around to Salt Lake City, one of the old black bvelts at the time asked him, " Mr. Parker, how come we always work the basics when you come. I would like to work something different." Mr. Parker responded, "Well if you worked the basics like I asked you to then we would have to keep going over them..."

" I know I need improvement. That's not the question.
Someone came back with the impression that we will have a separate ground fighting system like our knife and club. Is this true or not?" - As far I know there is no curriculum for ground fighting. That does not mean that he may have something alreadin the making and maybe one of the guys knows this. Just going off my own information. I do know that we have a number of technies in the system that if understood, teach you comfortably the different stages or levels of progression to ground fighting and motion that works if you do find yourself there. I have done it myself for real so I am an advocate for it's validity. It's also in the stand up techniques.

Hopefully that helps some. I will tell you straight though, your patience needs some work. If asked Mr. Mills the way you came across ( tough to read tone in a written post sometimes) I know exactly what kind of look I would get and what kind of "letting alone" I would recieve for a while. I respect him far more than that. I shudder to think. Membership in the AKKI is a privelege, not and entitlement. I feel sometimes that gets confused.
This is simply feedback...information. If taken negatively then you do so on your own. I truly hope it can be seen as a learning opportunity.


Re: Question continued

Thank you Mr. Jacob:

That was all I was asking. Nobody knows right now. Mr. Mills is more concerend that we refine our currentmotion. Thee isn't a separate ground system. That was all I needed. And I agree that it's dificult to read a person's tone by the written word. I am not impatient. The questiosn cmae up in conversation, and my instructor didn't know. SO I thought I would go to the forum and simply ask. What gets me is how when someone asks a question they assume I am questioning Mr. Mills and the organization. Which I wasn't. And I do agree to a point that memebrship is a priviledge. But its a priviledge that comes with some assumptions. One of those bieng the right to aska question and not be accused of a hidden agenda.