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Re: Fans made a movie about Anita

"The Clifton Ko Chi Sum and Leung Pak Ho co-directed film DEAREST ANITA (SUP FONG) earlier won the Best Director award at the 14th Chinese American Film Festival. Yesterday they along with actress Myolie Wu Hung Yi attended the celebration. Director Ko has won Best Film and Best Editing awards previously, but this was his first director award. DEAREST ANITA was based on the true story of five Anita Mui Yim Fong fans. Mui Yim Fong appeared in the film without performing, completely relying on the director and the editor's skills."

Please go to the link above for more info about this movie which will be released in December.

Re: Fans made a movie about Anita


《朝花夕拾‧芳華絕代》- 拾芳
胡杏兒 郭羨妮
林德信(son of George Lam played a role in this movie)
江欣燕 方惠盈 黃榮杰

15th anniversary of Anita’s passing 真人真事改編
電影《朝花夕拾‧芳華絕代》- 拾芳 Inspired by true stories.

故事由2013年梅艷芳未有送到拍賣的遺物,被一車車丟到垃圾收集站,歌迷在執拾梅艷芳的遺物作為整個故事的切入點,珍貴遺物被淋上紅色漆油,有的甚至「被輾轉」地到了夜冷店,但每一件可能被旁人視為微不足道的垃圾,在梅迷眼中均是寶藏,他們不怕骯髒邋遢、不怕遭警察查問,仍堅持盡力把被棄置的遺物拿走,不想這些瑰寶無聲無息地被送到堆填區。 在別人眼中沒什麼價值、由個人所寫的的賀卡、便條、信件丶心意禮物等等,梅艷芳也一直視為珍寶,一直好好地保存著,有的物件甚至連歌迷本人也忘記曾經送予偶像......一眾歌迷不忍這些充滿回憶和意義的物件就此被丟棄,除了盡了最大努力把部分從垃圾收集站取回之後,盡可能物歸原主。 故事就由這些遺物而展開,透過這些小物件而牽引劇情,幾位梅迷都有著自己的成長故事,而他們在人生中微妙的改變,都與梅艷芳有著莫大的關係:
- 因為梅艷芳而從孤寂怕事變得開朗積極;
- 因為梅艷芳而令家庭脫困找到人生理想;
- 因為梅艷芳而重拾自信;
- 因為梅艷芳而重新相信人性真善美;
- 因為梅艷芳而對友情有更深層的體會...... 人別了 ; 心仍暖 ; 情還在。

“Dearest Anita,…”
2013, after the auction of items from Anita’s estate, seemingly insignificant items were transported to a garbage dump. A number of fans tried to salvage what they could in the dead of night. Undeterred by the conditions or the imminent threat of arrest, they worked meticulously to save each of these treasures. Handwritten cards, letters and small hand-crafted gifts from fans, some even forgotten by the people who originally made them, every single one of these seemingly insignificant items kept and lovingly treasured by Anita over the years. Not wanting Anita’s treasures to be condemned to landfills, these fans saved and were determined to return each of these to their original gifter. Through their journey back to their original gifter, we traced the stories of several fans whose lives were touched and forever changed by their chance encounters with their idol. Stories of:
• Growing confidence
• Inspiration
• Courage
• Rekindled faith in people
• And Friendship .........
Life may end but love and memories live on.

(WITH Thanks to the person did the translation within YouTube)

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