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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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European testing and seminars at Steadfast Kenpo (Nov 13-14)

Let's face it : sometimes words are simply frustratingly insignificant. I've been trying to find a more "poetic" way to convey the emotion experienced during and the memories brought back from the First Official European AKKI testing session and seminars that were held this past weekend (Nov 13-14) at the Steadfast Kenpo Studio in Dublin, but it all comes down to gratitude : to Mr. HICKEY, Mr. O'REILLY, Mr. MANNING, Mr. DONNELLY, Mr. GRIHAULT and all the other members of our AKKI family that took part...thank you for your energy, your eagerness get out on the mat and work together, and the overall great atmosphere that reigned throughout the weekend. The boys in France are looking forward to rockin' and rollin' with you again soon.

Yours in Kenpo,
Courtney WAGNER
1st Degree Black
AKKI France