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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Thank you and Congrats

First and foremost the vegas guys want to thank Mr & Mrs Mills and family for everything. This trip was by far the most memorable.

Thanks to all the instructors who not only put on some insightful seminars but took personal time to work with each and everyone of us. And thanks to all those who donated their bodies during those seminars.

Congrats to everyone that got promoted, my guys Mike and Patrick. Matt Smith who is my first ever promoted Black Belt, I take great honor and pride in saying that. But it was you my friend who truely earned it.

Truth be known we here in Vegas thought that we had gone as far as we could and that we were just too small now to worry about. Mr Mills stepped in and pulled us back before i even got a chance to talk to him. My message is this, if you dont think that Mr Mills knows who you are or what is going on, think of us. Thank you for saving us Mr Mills and for not just relighting our flame but for igniting the inferno within us again.

Kenpo salute to all my AKKI family,

Lee Bowgren

Re: Thank you and Congrats

Congrats, it's about time Matt put on the Black. It's been a long time coming. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your guys (especially Mike) do the same thing. Hated to miss the camp but I will be out there on the floor in March post-testing for this extra red stripe Mr. Paul surprised several of us with. At least two of the Puerto Rican contingent will also be there showing what they know. By the way Lee, are you gettin' any taller yet? I keep missing you everytime people start milling about.

Re: Thank you and Congrats

i'm working on my horizontal height. hey mr brumby next time you see mr mills ask him what is the difference between the speed pattern and the power pattern. i think you will be pleasantly surprised by his answer.... i know matt smith was.

Re: Thank you and Congrats

congrats matt and mike!. knew you could do it, brothers!

Re: Thank you and Congrats

Once again, great job Matt and for Lee I am throwing the 2+2 sign in the air (congrats) hehe

Re: Thank you and Congrats

HAHAHA!!!!! You and Mr Carey kill me. You guys rocked the universal set. Maybe we need to come see you guys to learn that set. When is a good time to come? please remember that vietnamese people do not like the snow or the cold. something about our height to how high it snows there.

Hey Mr West from Buffalo... I'm waiting on those cookies from the Mrs. Because i know a certain redhead that wants them really bad. lol. thanks for working out with me and putting up with me.

Re: Thank you and Congrats

You guys are more than welcome to come down whenever you want, and there is plenty of room for you all to stay. As for the snow I cannot guarantee has been known to snow pretty heavy in April!

Re: Thank you and Congrats

Thank you for your inspiring message, Lee. At times we feel a little small all the way over here in Scotland but your words were a good reminder that we are not forgotten - along with seeing the Saltire in a video clip at a recent Wyoming Camp!
We look forward to hopefully attending Camp sometime next year.
Best regards,