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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum

Welcome to the official American Kenpo Karate International forum.

This is a PUBLIC forum setup up for the sharing of information and was placed here for the enjoyment of all regardless of affiliation. We ask that you help us to maintain this forums original purpose. Any slanderous comments made about any ORGANIZATION or INDIVIDUAL will be removed. If you do not leave your name and a valid email address your posting may also be removed.

If you are interested in finding the closest AKKI instructor to you, please visit our Regional Representatives page and contact your area's Regional Rep for more information.

American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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What an AWESOME camp!! I am left with tons of information to digest and refinements to internalize; but more so, I am left with a strong sense of pride in the AKKI. Ours is truly a first class organization. As a former Tracy and IKKA kenpoist, I could tell you firsthand what makes the AKKI unique….but I think that everyone whose ever been to camp already knows it! It’s more than Mr. Mills’ Leadership, Vision and Master Keys although they are proven and strong. It’s more than the Timing Patterns, Strength Patterns, Acceleration Patterns, Internalization Patterns, etc that guide our motion….although they are cutting edge and devastating! It’s the strong sense of family projected by Mr. Mills, his lovely wife Dee and the board of senor ranks.

Thank you Sir.

Julio da Ponte II
4th Black, Delaware