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Work Party Sunday 6th April

We need some young fit club members for a work party next Sunday, start time 10am,
The Heras fencing has all blown over and needs putting back up, it really needs somebody to bring a welder and generator down as some of the fencing needs repairing, I would like around 50/60 10ft scaffold poles so that we could push the poles in with the JCB so they are in the ground about 4ft then clamp the Heras fencing to poles, no more falling over fencing in future.

The marshalls posts all need tidying up and all need re-banding together and if it is a dry day they could all be re-painted white so bring some paint and paint brushes with you please.

All the ropes have been put up and several posts replaced by Neil,Shirley and Ray last weekend, i think there are a few posts that are a bit too tall so if someone has a chain saw they could bring down and trim off the tops.

The top wire rope on the track safety fence needs fixing in a few places so 6inch nails and a decent hammer required to sort that.

The track was still very wet with standing water today on almost half of the track so I have been down there today and run a cultivator over it all to allow the water to soak away and if the weather is kind to us over the next few days it should start to dry up and allow me to get out there with the grader and eventually roll it back down, it doesn't look very pretty at the moment but as the track had been under water since last October it is hardly surprising it is still so wet out there.

I think that if enough members turn up next week one day will be adequate for the jobs required to allow us to race on the 13th, WEATHER PERMITTING!!

Re: Work Party Sunday 6th April

Bummer !!! I'm away that weekend I'm sure iv got some scaffold poles I can bring up at some point before or drop them to someone that's going I may have a tub of external white paint too also if any of the speaker cables etc are damaged I'm sure iv got some in my container : ) cheers Martyn ik61

Re: Work Party Sunday 6th April

Come on guys, don,t let Derek down and don,t leave it to the same old few. A good turnout
on Sunday and the jobs will soon get done.

Re: Work Party Sunday 6th April

Simple Neil, NO WORK PARTY = NO RACING ON 13th, Their choice!!!!!!!

Re: Work Party Sunday 6th April

Not sure if im needed cos the post is asking for young fit members but Me,Lisa,and Doug are gonna be there.Will bring Caitlin as well tho not sure how much use peg leg will be;-)
I will go n get some household white gloss paint n some brushes as well.

Re: Work Party Sunday 6th April

Hi Derek, if you are short of scaffold tube I think GT has some old, rusty roll cage tube down the end of the yard. If you need it give him a ring

Re: Work Party Sunday 6th April

Hi I'll be down about 11 and try and drag a few boys along. I'll bring chainsaw and brushes and help where I can. Cheers Ben ik33