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Greylake Sunday 22-11-2015. a nice selection of birds seen at Greylake on a cold but bright day, Duck numbers seem to be increasing, Kingfisher made several passes,a pale Buzzard on a gatepost,a male Kestrel passed in front of the hide, photos show it carrying a rodent,small numbers of Snipe present,Meadow Pipits and Grey Wagtail seen.
Returning home via Tealham a surprise sighting of an Otter fishing in the North drain it was steadily making its way along the drain in a westerly direction ,seen from the bridge ,Jacks drove.
Photos on website.

Re: Greylake

Another good morning today Jim, Red Kite passed over very low at 8.00am he caused havoc with the ducks, must have been around a 1000 duck in flight at one moment. Mostly wigeon and teal, with a few mallard and shovellers.
A male Marsh harrier, 2 buzzards and a kestrel also sent the duck up several times.
Wren, chiffchaff, meadow pipits and pied wagtails close to the hide.
Kingfisher fly pass and a few snipe dropped in around 10am.

It seems to me that Greylake could provide some excellent entertainment this winter best I have witnessed for 3/4 years

Re: Greylake

Like Brian I was at Greylake yesterday morning - but not quite as early and so missed a bit. But it was still a very interesting morning not least because the lake was frozen over in places. I rather think Jim would have liked it. I have added a few more photos covering visits on 21 and 23 Nov to those on my website for 16 Nov.

Greylake Monday 23 11.45 -16.00

It was indeed a very good day at Greylake. In addition to the above, a pair of great spotted woodpeckers at the car park feeder, a pair of stonechats, male posing nicely on a reed near the main hide, A peregrine put up the ducks at 12.10, but failed to make a kill. Wrens all over the place, at one time there were four along the fence by the hide. The peregrine reappeared about 15.00 looking splendid on the fence, and then another, which seemed to catch a teal. The first bird dropped down and headed along the fence, and took what looked like a part eaten corpse up on to the tallest pylon.

The first group of starlings came over 15.55, very high and unusually in a tight bunch, followed by two large flocks flying quite low at 16.00.

Re: Greylake Monday 23 11.45 -16.00

Some lovely pictures on your website David, including some great shots of a Water Pipit on the ice (labelled Meadow Pipit 1-4). Compare the dark legs, thick breast streaking, whitish supercillium and general colder plumage tones to the Meadow Pipit (number 5 in the series).

Re: Greylake Monday 23 11.45 -16.00

Thank you Joe. A careless mistake. Apologies to anyone else who was misled. The website has been 'updated' and the gallery in question now contains both Meadow and Water Pipits.