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Re: Short-eared Owls

(1) Black River Drove runs due south off the B3151 from Cold Harbour Bridge and merges into Hulkmoor Drove someway before Pomparles Bridge.

(2) Another? Black River Drove runs north from its merger with Sharpham Drove to Sharpham Corner (where Wilderness Drove goes off to the NE) it then turns sharp right and runs due east to its junction with (1) above.

In view of this, could you perhaps clarify where you saw today’s SEO.

Thanks, Jeff.

Note: In all of this a drove is actually a minor road.

Re: Short-eared Owls

At least 4 near Muchelney yesterday afternoon.

Re: Short-eared Owls

Your research puts you in the right, general ball-park, Jeff. As far as I'm concerned Back River, as the name suggests, runs beside the River Brue between the B3151 and the A39 except for a short distance towards its southern end.

Re: Short-eared Owls

Thanks, Somehow an l got into my typing, should have said Back, not Black.

Re: Short-eared Owls at Muchelney

None seen this afternoon in a howling gale around the village but there were thousands of Starlings and dozens of Lapwings, all put up by a Peregrine.
Then c40 Cranes rose up out of the Wet Moor area and battled into the wind. Twice they were beaten back to the moor but eventually were lost to sight past Curry Rivel. Beautiful to watch and hear.

Re: Short-eared Owls at Muchelney

One seen this afternoon at Ablake along with 20+ Cormorants roosting in one tree.

Re: Short-eared Owls at Muchelney

No sign of SEOs in the Muchelney area this evening, however I wasn't 100% where to look. Tried along the banks of the River Parrett and then out over Wet Moor. Plenty of snipe but not much else. Didn't get over to Ablake so if I was looking in the wrong areas, please could someone point me in the right direction!!

So then popped over to Aller Moor and enjoyed 20 minutes in the company of 2 SEOs. After that they disappeared.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a great year for SEOs in the South West