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Canada Farm : A tale of a Sparrowhawk and a Kingfisher

I spent the morning at Canada Farm and saw an amazing sequence between a Sparrowhawk and a Kingfisher:

Kingfisher lands in tree to the left on hide and looks down into the water.

After about 10 mins the bird appears nervous and starts looking up and calling.

Just above the tree a Sparrowhawk is circling.

Kingfisher takes off and hovers about 1 ft above the water, looks up and sees the Sparrowhawk coming down towards him.

Kingfisher dives into the water, Sparrowhawk stops the attack, Kingfisher flies up and out of the water and then flies low up the channel to the right of the hide.

Sparrowhawk sets off in pursuit, Kingfisher turns around and heads towards the Sparrowhawk.

Sparrowhawk turns sharp right and into the woods as the Kingfisher returns to the tree.

1-0 to the Kingfisher.

It is always great to see something new and this was a just one of those magic moments.

PS Last year I saw a Peregrine successfully take a Kingfisher at BHM, Seaton, so it's tough being a Kingfisher.

Re: Canada Farm : A tale of a Sparrowhawk and a Kingfisher

In 2006 at Chard Reservoir I witnessed a Kingfisher flying straight at the head of a sitting Sparrowhawk that had been chasing a couple of Dunlin. The Sparrowhawk got the message and flew off.