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Great day for Raptors!

A brilliant day yesterday (18th)

Cinnamon Lane:
2 Little Owls
1 Hobby
1 Sparrowhawk
2 Buzzards
3 Ravens
1 Roe deer

Ham Wall:
1 Kestrel

Noahs Lake:
1 Osprey
1 Marsh Harrier
1 Distant Hobby

Pictures of nearly all of it on the site.

NPW: I did you proud :-)

Re: Great day for Raptors!

Well, you certainly did very well there James I have to say, and very well documented too, with some very nice pic’s to boot.
Just a word of caution though James, the lane is home to local Rednecks who live in the denser parts of the lane. They are not always obvious, though you can hear them at times when they practice playing their banjos. They may well have taken more a fancy to your ham sandwiches, and they ain’t too fussy about how they go about gettin’ um.
Stay safe,

Re: Great day for Raptors!

Thanks for the advice...

Anybody living amongst all those cider apples, for that length of time shouldn't be trusted in any circumstances.

Even the Owls around there have gone doolally ... They are hooting in the daytime.