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Westhay Moor

A pair of Garganey could sometimes be seen from the Lake Hide today but whilst I was there it was better to view them from the path leading to the hide because they spent much of the time obscured behind the island. I was told they had been showing very well before my arrival.
It was entertaining to watch a somewhat confused Great Crested Grebe divide his attention between a current nest (with female) and what I understood to be an old one, deserted for whatever reason quite recently.
I was indebted to the lady who described the location of a recently fledged Tawny Owl chick along London Drove. Talk about eyes wide shut!
Elsewhere around the reserve there was a female Marsh Harrier, seven warbler species, booming Bitterns and a Cuckoo.

Re: Westhay Moor

I saw the bundle of cute fluff as well!

Pictures of the Tawny own chick on the blog.