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RSPB Greylake - 12/04/2015

Dropped into Greylake early this morning and was surprised to have the place to myself.

The best booming Bittern I have heard, right in the middle of the Reedbed Loop. An incredible sound and the ground was almost reverberating to the sound. I walk slowly around the loop a couple of times but never got a view.

Note: There is a very aggressive male swan on the far side of the loop. I have encountered this one on a few occassions and have always managed to get passed. I guess there is a nest in the reeds.

A couple of Redshanks mating - Is this normal or to be exepected?

The Lapwings were busy chasing off crows, always great entertainment.
The Goldfinches were busy gathering up cobwebs.
A Water Rail was visible on the path down to the hide.
A pair of Garganey close to the hide

Re: RSPB Greylake - 12/04/2015

That swan is one angry fellow. He went berserk at me last year! I was running for my life!

Re: RSPB Greylake - 12/04/2015

I saw a family - mum, dad and three or four children, 'trapped' by him yesterday. I showed them how to walk past (the swan wasn't being worryingly aggressive, he was just being a swan) but they wouldn't follow me!

Re: RSPB Greylake - 12/04/2015

Also had all the ususal stuff but with the addition of a Merlin flying over the car park at mid day, last seen flying north-east over the A361.