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Red kite vs Marsh Harrier

At about 11 this morning, whilst watching waders (11 black-t godwits, 6 ruff, green sand, LRP, dunlin, 4 redshank, and 2 drake garganey) on Meare Heath scrape, I turned around to see a raptor low over 70 acres, about halfway back. From the way it was quartering, I assumed it was a marsh harrier, until it banked and showed a forked tail - clearly a red kite. It continued to fly low over the reeds for a couple of minutes, until a male harrier popped up, came close and flipped at it, showing talons. The kite slowly moved off to the east, before circling back and spending another 5-10 minutes over the reeds, before disappearing off low south east again towards Ashcott. Not two birds I would have expected to see in the same binocular view field!