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Stathe and Aller Moor

On 30th Dec, I spent four "freezing" hours sitting under a tree on the banks of the River Parrett. I got some of my best ever views of the Cranes (60ish). It seems that they are still nervous of people, but accept us when we keep walking along the path. If you stop, the birds get nervous and could fly off.

Anyway on with the other bird news, in the tree above the following landed in it but not all at once.

Little Owl,
Green Woodpecker,
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Long Tail Tits

Nearby was a female Stonechat

3 or 4 Snipe flying around and landing here and there

Large flock Canada Geese (50ish) heading for West Sedge Moor
A group of 5 Whooper or Bewicks from West Sedge Moor (sorry not sure which as I didn't have a clear view). Interestingly Alison reported 3 Whoopers on Aller Moor the same day but Nigel had report 5 Bewicks on West Sedge Moor on the 29th Day.

and best of all
A Peregrine flying up the River Sowy which then climbed and headed out to West Sedge Moor and I think a Merlin.

All in all a good morning with only a tree as a hide !!