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Great Escape

Taunton shopping today, just came out of Iceland & a few people were observing what turned out to be a Sparrowhawk + Pigeon. Watched for a while & went back to the car to get my camera, still there plucking away, the pigeon still trying to get away. Then someone appeared from the rear of the buildings & frightened the Sparrowhawk off. The Pigeon lay dormant for a while, then strolled nonchalantly across to hide (or perish) behind some black bins.
I have had Sparrowhawks in my garden in Chard (relative outskirts), but surprised to see a Sparrowhawk in the middle of Taunton, I know the park is not too far away, but still.
I see that Sparrowhawks can seem to take time to despatch their prey, is there any fundamental reason for this, or is it just that larger prey items are not their preferred option & cannot deal with them as efficiently? Thats all I can think of at the moment.

Re: Great Escape

Hi Ian,

When I worked in Taunton I used to see Sparrowhawks occasionally around French Weir - Longrun Meadow, French Weir Park and Goodland Gardens provide a 'green corridor' into the heart of the town, and all sorts used to turn up, so it's not that surprising. I never saw a tussle like yours though - fascinating to observe, and clearly a few others thought so too!

Re: Great Escape

Years ago, when I was vicar of St Mary's Taunton, we had a Sparrow Hawk disecting a pigeon in the vicarage garden. You can't get any nearer the centre of Taunton than that!!