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Oakhill to Coleford

A gentle stroll from Oakhill to Coleford trying to help to my Back recover and to be able to stand more upright, so any reports of Quasimodo in the Nettlebridge Valley probably refer to me....

A beautiful morning The woodland was full of bird song. Whilst in Edford Wood a flock of 45 Redwings flew in very close to where I was resting and I have never heard Redwing chattering away like that before. The Collins guide refers to them 'squeaking' at migration stops.

A Sparrowhawk soared around in the Sunshine with Coal Tits and Goldcrests a plenty.

At least one Dipper on territory further downstream.

Lovely to hear so many Mistle Thrushes, Song Thrushes, Greenfinches and Marsh Tits.

Siskins also regular in flight today.

On arrival back home Redpolls and Siskins completed a pleasant little walk.