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An hour and a half (0830-1000)at Minehead this morning (9th) with Colin Sage produced:

2 Bonxies (0830 and 0920), both heading east.
20+ Kittiwakes in dribs and drabs, mostly going west
1 Guillemot west
1 Razorbill on the sea close in drifting west
1 Fulmar west
1 Med Gull - the regular adult landed on the beach below the 'bus shelter' just before we left

Good, but better was to come at Burnham in the run-up to high tide (1330-1440):

1 Puffin on the sea for a couple of minutes from 1410, then I lost it (d'oh!)
1 Razorbill south inside the island
1 Guillemot on the sea being occasionally pestered by gulls
1 Little Gull - adult found by Paul Gay earlier and still present when I left
25 Kittiwakes - all adults, 23 in one flock after a squall and a couple of singles
(Also 1 Bonxie seen by Paul Gay, and evidently Kevin Webb too, earlier