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Short-eared Owls

At least 5 Short-eared Owls hunting in the WWT Steart reserve this evening i viewed from the Wall Common side near the road though they were on the other side probably seen better from the Combwich end along the Parret trail

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And... from a posting today on Birdguides: four late afternoon between the lagoons and village.

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Four, possibly five, Short-eared Owls this morning at WWT Steart Marshes from the Parrett Trail, also two Merlins and a Peregrine. At Stockland Reach large numbers of Dunlin, Redshank , Grey Plover and 16 Avocets (the main flock further up towards Huntspill Sluice). On the marshes equally large numbers of Lapwing and Golden Plover, the other bonus it was dry!

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Is that walking from Combwich? I best get down there!

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3 SEOS along the river. Possibly more as they were making brief flights.

A lifetime first for me. What great birds!

I took a photo of actually turned out to be three!

Also a Merlin (immature or female I think). Picture on the website

Peregrine made a pass at a Redshank, but missed

Kestrel hover hunting

Female Sparrowhawk made a brief appearance also

2 Stonechats


Re: Short-eared Owls

At least 3 Short-eared Owls hunting over Steart Marshes WWT late afternoon, from 16:35 onwards. We watched them thro' our 'scope from the embankment-top on the Wall Common side of the reserve. Also an obliging juv/female Merlin perching on the nearby line of high utility poles.

Earlier, on a rising tide, 7 Scaup (2 drakes) on the sea off Stolford, in the bay just west of the last house.

Re: Short-eared Owls

Just one Short-eared Owl seen this afternoon at 4 o'clock, hunting both sides of the embankment on the Wall Common side of Steart Marshes Reserve.