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Avocet at Orchardleigh Lake

One of East Somerset's less expected additions to its list. Found Sunday afternoon, hunched under the bushes on the waterline close to the end of the reedbed, and viewable from the south west shore close to the top of the lake. The bird was colour ringed as a nestling in Brittany last July, and was recorded in Poole, Dorset in November. Perhaps got wind blown towards the Parrett Estuary or the Levels, and hunkered down in the mud at Orchardleigh? Also, 10 Goosanders (7F, 3M), ~10 Teal and several Shoveler.

Re: Avocet at Orchardleigh Lake

No Sign of it late afternoon today in truly appalling conditions.

4 Mandarins,
1 or 2 Kingfishers,
6 Goosanders
2 Pochard
1 Marsh Tit

2 birders caked in mud and soaked to the skin.....

A tremendous find, I wish we had managed to see it!

Re: Avocet at Orchardleigh Lake

Good work Dan! I never thought I'd see an avocet in East Somerset, so the mad dash through the mud yesterday afternoon was more than worth it. If ever a bird looked out of place, it was this one.
2 birders caked in mud but with very big smiles on their faces....