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Swallows Dip-drinking

At Marston Pond, near Frome, yesterday evening, 22nd Sept., from ~6.45-7.15pm, up to 1000 swallows dip-drinking, in large groups on the lake surface. I didn't see other hirundines in the group, though the light wasn't brilliant. At first I thought it was heavy rain on the water, then a shoal of fish. Never seen this form of group behaviour before - have other local birders seen it? I presume they were planning to roost in the reeds/withies nearby, as they stayed around in dense clouds for some time after drinking.

Also, two small groups of swans feeding on weed from the lake bottom, were each closely accompanied by a coot - were they waiting to opportunely feed on scraps discarded by the swans? Again, I've never seen this behaviour and would be interested to hear if others have seen it.