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Spotted Flycatcher

Up to 8 birds today at Fyne Court.

Re: Spotted Flycatcher

And large numbers (15+) of spot flys at Ammerdown Park, near Buckland Dinham, Thursday and Friday 22nd & 23rd. Probably breeders rather than passage birds - several very fluffy/spotty juveniles among them.

Re: Spotted Flycatcher

Some more Juveniles on the edge of Coleford this afternoon meant that I finished with 6 fledged family groups of Spotted Flycatchers this past Summer. They still seem to breed well in this part of East Somerset and Ammerdown is just a small distance away so that's more good news for this species.

I finally managed to catch up with a single Yellow Wagtail, in with some horses, and a couple of Willow Warblers.

Other than that passage migrants were none existent and there's every chance the Willow Warblers may well have stayed local all Summer!