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Torr Reservoir

This evening, I heard a wader continually calling from under the bank that I did not readily recognise. After maybe 30 mins of patience a Green Sandpiper appeared and seemed to be trying to impress another one of the 6 other Green Sandpipers present?
A couple of times Green Sands from the area of the Spit answered. At first I wondered if this continued calling was a late attempt at courtship, however, there was no display flight. When I left all 7 Green Sands were in close proximity and being a full moon and a clear night perhaps this was a case of rounding up the troops before making a move off on migration??
When I watched about 90% of Swifts leave Coleford late one Sunday afternoon there was an increase in activity which saw numbers build before the birds left.
I guess one of the joys of observing birds is never really knowing enough and trying to learn and understand. Second guessing nature is hard work.

Also, this evening saw;
2 Whimbrel over,
2 Adult Yellow-Leg Gulls (out of the water and on the bank),
1 Little Ringed Plover,
2 Common Sandpipers,
430+ Canada Geese which nearly all departed and then returned a few minutes later
900+ Jackdaws going to Roost

No sign of the fledged Spotted Flyctachers this evening.

Some young Leverets were a delight to see.

Re: Torr Reservoir

Tough going this morning in the strong breeze and occasional heavy rain.

Still at least 6 Green Sandpipers as well as 8 Barnacle Geese, no sign of yesterday's 9th bird when we were there.

The Barnacle Geese took off and flew just a few feet above our heads, calling and flying off SW. They were then seen to distantly turn sharply and head off over the hills, possibly to Blagdon or Chew?

A few Sand Martins amongst the House Martins and Swallows.

Just 1 Gull seen in an hour!

Re: Torr Reservoir

4 whinchats were new in at Torr today. Also 5 common sand, 4+green sand, 1 snipe, 3 yellow-legged gulls and 24 teal among the usual suspects. This morning near Hadspen (south of Bruton) there were 2 redstarts, 1 tree pipit and a wheatear.

Re: Torr Reservoir

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the tip-off, wonderful to see 3 of the Whinchats on my return from Cabots Circus where I had been to see Mr Maker performing at an open air concert!

The number of Whinchats was nearly reduced by 1 after an attempt by a Hobby.

After a quick scan of the lake, on my return down the track the whinchats had relocated to the Western hedge that runs perpendicular to the track, at the corner by the walled paddock.