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Anxiety Attacks-HELP PLEASE

We have two full blooded Yorkies. We have taken our 1 year old, Ted E. Bear, to the vet so many times (but we also live in a very small town), and they have no idea what is wrong with him. Every time he goes into a "fit," (which usually starts off playing, then he starts shaking, and can't stop panting; his paws turn very hot, and he becomes stiff legged and won't eat or drink anything)we have to bathe him in cold water at least 15 minutes to get him to calm down. Sometimes this happens 4 times a day. The vet says it's probably a neurological thing, but still hasn't diagnosed him, prescribed any medication, change of diet, nothing...the vet doesn't know. If anyone has any little bit of information,

Please help!

They think the last resort is to put him to sleep



Re: Anxiety Attacks-HELP PLEASE - by mmyorkies - May 28, 2003 6:08pm
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