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Re: Help puppy training


If Sir Winston does not like the wood pellets, you can try using either the washable pooch pads, or as some people do, an old throw rug. For some reason they seem to learn pretty good when using an absorbent item like the throw rugs and pooch pads, and they are washable.


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Hi, I have always loved the yorkie breed and have just acquired a male (Sir Winston)who is quite a handful. He is fifteen weeks old and I am trying to potty train him in a litter box filled with wood pellets. Sometimes it works but most often not. As soon as I let him out of his pen even though I put his litter box outside with him he still goes on the carpet. Can anyone suggest other alternatives?

Re: Re: Help puppy training - by Suzanne Knowles - Aug 24, 2004 10:00pm
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