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Re: eating

Yorkies don't really eat a lot, and your little one is still very small. I make my own chicken mixture to add to my yorkies dry food at the evening meal, and I also give mine cottage occasionaly because they love it. In the morning they get just dry kibble with a flavored milk bone or liver snap added to it, and in the evening they get the chicken mixture added to their dry kibble. Mine are healthy and active. My Minnie is very lean, but does eat. She is just so active that she burns the food off, and I can feel every rib in her body.


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Replying to:

my yorkie is not eating as much as I think she should. She weighted 1 38 lbs at 8 weeks she is now 12 weeks old and is 1 34 lbs she is very activce and happy. I have been adding a little cottage cheese with her dry food and sometimes a little baby food chicken she eats much better with this added but is this o.k.?

Re: Re: eating - by Jeanne - Mar 5, 2003 4:19pm
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