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Re: eating

My Debbie just turned a year old. I think she's just about 3 pounds more or less. The people who had her parents said that they would just leave Iams Puppy Food for them so they could eat whenever they liked. I've done that for Debbie, and sometimes she has a few tiny pieces of whatever we're eating. The vet did not recommend this free feeding as she said it was harder to housebreak and I would not be able to see how much she was eating. I did not take her advice however as I felt the breeder had much more Yorkie experience and since Debbie is the only pet we have it didn't matter about the other things. My point is that if your dog seems happy and energetic you have nothing to worry about.

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my yorkie is not eating as much as I think she should. She weighted 1 38 lbs at 8 weeks she is now 12 weeks old and is 1 34 lbs she is very activce and happy. I have been adding a little cottage cheese with her dry food and sometimes a little baby food chicken she eats much better with this added but is this o.k.?

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