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Re: house training a yorkie

Mine does the same thing, I find that knowing the cues is a must. The only cue mine gives is she comes and looks at me for just a second, then she finds a place to go. I have to scoop her up fast and take her out right away.

Also if you, say go pee, while she is peeing she will come to understand what it means. When I take mine out and say Go pee, she KNOWS what I want.

And try the treat after she does right, and praise her- of course.

good luck

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i have a wonderful little yorkie named tressie. she is 1 1/2 yrs old- my problem is this-- she is still not housetrained totally- am i doing something wrong or expecting too much? She is crated during the day and stays dry, but will pee or poop if you're not watching carefully. i know this breed has a reputation for being difficult and stubborn- but i need help!!! any suggestions will be appreciated! thank you!!