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Re: Considering Yorkies but have a couple of questions

I bought a male and female Boxer from the same litter and had them spayed and neutered at six months of age. They never bonded as well with any of the family as other dogs we have had. When my health failed and I couldn't give them the exercise and care they needed, we gave the male to a friend who is planning to be a vet and works for our vet. The female was smaller and I thought I could manage to meet her needs. I was mistaken. Without her brother around, she went wild. Once when she was left in our backyard while I was at the doctor's office she broke the window in the back door trying to get in the house. She cut her paw but it could have been much worse. She started doing other things she had never done before - like chewing the furniture and destroying flower arrangements, getting food off the counter, etc. I ended up giving her to the same person who had her brother and they are both happy now because they are together. My friend says he loves them and tries to give them both attention separately, but they prefer each other's company over his. My advice would be to buy dogs from different breeders based solely on my experience.

My son bought a bulldog two months after I got my Yorkie and I noticed a difference in Giz for a couple of days but he loves and prefers me over his canine sister. Could be just the difference in breed of dogs.....

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My wife and I have adored Yorkies for many years and now feel that our careers have settled down to the point where we can now add to our little family (just us no kids). But before we begin the task of locating a reputable breeder I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer for me.

1. I suffer from pretty severe pet allergies, but did have a small poodle growing up. Now I have heard that Yorkies are similar to poodles in that they are more hypo-alergetic than most dogs, and that bathing them very frequently when they are young (first few months) will inhibit the production of dander when they get older is this true, and are breeders willing to this if requested?

2. Since we are busy people (but basically homebodies when not working) we are planning to get a pair of dogs so that they can keep each other company during the day. I have heard that some breeders do not recommend getting dogs from the same litter, they say you should stagger them (one this year, one the next etc.). We were considering a pair of females at the same time (so they grow and develop together) is this the wrong approach?

Thanking you advance,