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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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AKKI European Camp

Members of AKKI Europe will gathering in Dublin over the weekend of November 13th and 14th for our European Seminars and Promotional Examination. The Camp will be held at the Steadfast Kenpo Karate Studio in Lucan Co Dublin and will have AKKI Members from France, England, Scotland and Ireland in attendance. We will have two days of intensive seminars covering all aspects of the AKKI Curriculum and all the refinements shared by Mr Mills and his Senior Black Belts at the AKKI International Camp in Evanston Wyoming in September.I look forward to seeing all the AKKI European Members for a AKKI Kenpo filled weekend, for those members that will be testing i know that you will do yourself, your Instructor and Mr Mills and the AKKI proud. Safe journey to you all and see you in Dublin this weekend.

Ger Hickey
AKKI Ireland

Re: AKKI European Camp

Really looking forward to this Seminar. Always good to see the latest innvoations in our art. Better go practice now :) See you all there. Aaron

Re: AKKI European Camp

Hi to all,
The French AKKI Team will really be happy to meet again all the other European kenpo brothers and sisters, and work all this very interesting matérial under the direction of Mr Ger Hickey and his instructors. Very exciting and nice Week end to come.
Safetravel to all and see you there.

Belmond Moukoudi

Re: AKKI European Camp

To begin with, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. HICKEY, Mr. O'REILLY and all the people at Steadfast Kenpo for the time and energy they have put into planning the seminars scheduled for this weekend. I'd also like to say that I, as well as the other guys from the school in France, are looking forward not just to soaking up as much new information as we can (while refining the information that we received during the last set of seminars) but also to the first testing experience that we will have outside of our club. FOCUS, RELAX and LET IT FLY...

See you guys (and gals) in a couple of days.

Courtney WAGNER
Apprentice Black Belt AKKI France

Re: AKKI European Camp

This is going to be a historic event for all of AKKI Europe and a very special one for all the members who will be testing. It is going to be great seeing everyone together again sharing Mr.Mills Art in a fun filled atmosphere,which is always the best enviroment to learn AKKI Kenpo.And Courtney, I totally agree with you , Just "Relax and let it fly". I have full confidence in everyone doing a great job in the test. Its getting close to the time for you all to...... Step Up, Represent and Shine.
Best of luck and Enjoy the Experience.

Yours in Kenpo,
Tony O Reilly
Steadfast Kenpo Karate,
A.K.K.I. Ireland