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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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AKKI Workout Weekend in Dublin (May 14 - 16)

The May 14 th - 16 th Workout Weekend at the Steadfast School in Dublin ran the entire gambit of emotions : the pleasure of getting together again with other members of our AKKI Family, the excitement of being able to workout with (and takes shots from) Mr. Josh LANNON, the disappointment and anger from having to leave sooner than expected on Sunday because of volcanic-ash-related travel issues, being more than pleasantly surprised at having the opportunity to go back over to the school on Monday and continue working out (and taking shots), the gratitude for Mr. LANNON taking the time to answer our questions -- even after the seminars were over -- and for the way Mr. HICKEY, Mr. O 'REILLY, Mr. MANNING and the rest of the Steadfast Kenpo Family opened up their dojo and their arms to welcome us and make sure that we had everything we needed, and finally the restless anticipation that comes from imagining what the NEXT workout weekend has in store ; )...

Thank you again to all those who invested the time and energy to make this past weekend a success.

Courtney WAGNER
2nd Degree Brown
AKKI France

Re: AKKI Workout Weekend in Dublin (May 14 - 16)

I would like to thank in my name and in my students names, All the instructors who shared all their knowledge wit us this Week end at the A.K.K.I Seminars organised by the Steadfast kenpo karaté Shool of Dublin.
It was so nice to meet all the others members of the
"A.K.K.I gang" in Europe, and of course work out again with them.
Would like to thanks mr Lannon for all the help he brought us and in my case,for some of the elements he gave me to help me better undestand the Art.
Thanks to all the instructors who were at the camp and for the news directions the give me in my training.
Thanks to my students for their confidence...

I would like to specialy thank mr Hickey, mr O'Reilly, mr Manning, mr Donnely, for the way they helped me personnaly, and all the answers the gave to the members of the A.K.K.I France this Week end.
simply incredible some of the things i have seen...
Just waiting the next camp.

Proud to practice and be a member of the A.K.K.I.

Belmond Moukoudi
A.K.K.I France.

Re: AKKI Workout Weekend in Dublin (May 14 - 16)

Mr. Moukoudi, it is always a pleasure to have you and your students come to Ireland. You have a great bunch of students and they are a credit to you and the AKKI.It was brilliant to be able to workout with your team on Monday night and I hope we were able to help you out with your questions.
Having Mr. Lannon here this time really enhanced the whole "Workout Weekend" experience.His knowledge ,passion, humility and energy is an inspiration to us all to progress in Mr.Mills Art. He certainly has been a great ambassador for the AKKI Organisation while here in Ireland.
I would like to thank Mr. Ger Hickey for organising this "Workout Weekend" event which had representation from France, Holland ,Scotland and England and I wish him continued success for the future. So until the next time we meet "Take Care".
Yours in AKKI Kenpo
Tony O Reilly

Re: AKKI Workout Weekend in Dublin (May 14 - 16)

I would like to say thank you for this seminar in Dublin. It was great ! Thank to all kenpo experts who help me in my practice during this weekend. Special thanks to Ger and Tony for monday training !! I still have a long way to do but I am more and more motivated !
Thanks a lot !!!!

Patrick (Orange belt)