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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Two Man Sets


I'm curious about how Mr. Mills develops the two-man sets...

1. Center-line
2. Universal
3. Trapping
4. Knife/Club
5. Other set(s) that maybe unknown to me

Are these combination of movements, or root movements, based on a theme, especially if they're taught at specific ranks?

As much refinements these sets go through, how is it decided that a set of movement would be the base for this set? What makes the movement(s) universal "enough" for its ability to stand on its own AND the ability to blend in with other sets?

A little shift in the questioning:
Would the theme for brown belt remain throughout the brown belt curriculum, or would each (1st brown, 2nd brown) have its own theme?
Does anybody know and can share theme for the 2nd brown, if there is one?

Thank you,
M. Saad Anwar

Re: Two Man Sets

Great questions Saad! I have my own ideas about some of them but I would definitly like to see Mr. Jacob, Mr. Wheaton, or some of the other seniors jump in on this one. Deep stuff.