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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Help a brother get to Evanston - AKKI Knives Sale!!

Hey Gang,

Hate to do it but I am trying to get some money together to make it to the April Camp. I have a small collection of AKKI knives. I actually have doubles of a few of them and I have decided to sell the doubles that I have. I do have a few rules that I want to post first. The First rule is that the Knives I will sell ONLY to current active AKKI guys. If I don't know you, please tell me who you're instructor is so I can either contact them or Mr. Mills. Second, if any AKKI seniors would like these, they get first dibs. Many of the old school guy have always shown kindness and support at camps so its the least I can do.

I am not looking to nail anyone on prices. Just want to get what I payed for them or at least close to it to fund the camp. Hell I will even work on the prices too if you have a better offer, but please no trades. I need the cash to train!

Ok here is what I have:

AKKI Dagger by D. Hibben $500
AKKI Mills Shark by D Hibben $500
Mills fighter... not sure which version this is but its the one with the sharpened guard. $375

All are mint and un-used. Hibben's have leather sheaths and CQC fighter has kydex.

Email me if you would like some pics

Stay safe

Chuck Daniels

Re: Help a brother get to Evanston - AKKI Knives Sale!!


Hey guys, just wanted to update you. The version 2 Mills fighter is gone to a good home.... I know that for sure!! :)

Ok, the two Hibben's are still up.... let me know!

Stay safe

Chuck D

Re: Re: Help a brother get to Evanston - AKKI Knives Sale!!

Hey Guys here is another rare one that I hate to get rid of but...... well

This is a Handmade jimmy Lile Rambo Knife from First Blood. Jimmy lile knives are doing 25th anny's of these for 2500.00 Mine is from Jimmy Lile before he passed, I am looking $1100.00 for it.

email me for pics if you are interested!! Its Mint, never used!!

Charles Daniels

Re: Re: Re: Help a brother get to Evanston - AKKI Knives Sale!!

Hey guys,

I hate to do it but I am going to drop the prices each by $100.00

So $400.00 for the Mills Shark and $400.00 for the Mills dagger

Let me know. Those are amazing deals for two gorgeous handmade knives!!

Stay safe

Chuck D