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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Re: Re: Some additional thoughts on cross training and BJJ / GF

I've spent some time studying groundfighting and it was an eye opener. I used it on the street, as well as my Kenpo, when necessary as a police officer. In the right situation they both work well and blend nicely. I had no problem transitioning from on the mat ground stuff to on the pavement ground stuff. Don't underestimate the groundfighters, make yourself familiar with the system and play with it on the mats to develop a feel for what works for you.

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To say that "some" awareness is a good idea is a bit of an understatement. I think its a bad idea to assume that you will just mop up the floor with a guy if you ever get taken to the ground. The ground is bad place to be and you need more than a fundamental understanding of the submission game to keep from becoming a victim. One mistake and a good BJJ guy is going to ruin your arm or leave you in a choke you can't get out of.

I agree that MMA is not as realistic in a street sense as people are making it out to be and that BJJ has vulnerabilities that are not normally acknowledged but it is not a system I would underestimate.

BJJ and Kenpo are two different approaches and can fit together nicely. But if you want to cross train and really understand the game, you need to spend more than a few months at it.