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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Kenpo & The Economy

Hello Everyone,

Like many of you, I am feeling the strains of the current economy. This is NOT a post that attempts to point fingers at whose to blame. But I am curious about something.

What does everyone think will happen to the AKKI, or Martial Arts in general, if we were hit by a full blown economic depression? Will the membership rates go down? Will there be fewer International Camps? Will there be fewer requirements as far as if you have to where a gi, patches, belts, etc.? Will there be fewer members in the AKKI? Will there be an increase in members due to fears of thieves and desperate souls who literally have nothing to lose? Will this website be gone? Will there be an increase in imitators?

Not trying to start an argument, but I am curious. I have been away from the AKKI for several years now, primarily because there's no instructors in Northern Nevada, so I don't know if this topic has been brought up before. I'm currently trying to keep myself active with the stuff that I know now (I'm a 1st degree brown belt by the way), and it would pain me greatly to see the AKKI get hurt by all of this.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you all have a safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Albert H. Davis

Re: Kenpo & The Economy

Happy Holidays to you and yours, as well...
Yes, I agree with you on feeling the effects of the economy...I can only speak for myself and my situation, so I'll keep it brief: I'm hoping for an East Coast Camp of some type, that's pretty much all I can say...March in Vegas is DEFINITLY out for me, however I am hopeful for September...This is a subject that worries me, as well...Maybe someone from out West can chime in their two cents on the subject. I, for one, hope that no harm befouls the AKKI. What Mr. Mills and Co. have done with this System doesn't deserve to be treated badly because of the prevailing economic climate...
Take Care All,
Jason Smith

Re: Kenpo & The Economy

I think everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy right now and I can not predict the future but I am optomistic. As for the questions you posted Albert let me give you my take on it.

1. I believe in the continuation of the AKKI. I do not think for a minute that it will fold. In tough times I think it becomes more important than ever to continue training, to continue to learn to protect yourself and family. It may very well become more of a neccessity.

2. I do not believe the membership rates will go down, it cost a lot to run the AKKI the way it is today. Your individual schools might lower costs but that would be up to the school owners, their time is still valuable to them and their families.

3. The international camps may become localized to/near Mr. Mills home town, by having the camps there he can keep the cost down as compared to Las Vegas or elsewhere. They could also become annual instead of semi annual. But I am not making that call, that would be up to Mr. Mills.

4. I do not believe the requirements would change. That would only lesson the quality we have all worked so hard at keeping. As for a gi/patches/belts etc. I think they would still serve their purpose, I do not want to go to class without my gi on. You might need to look for a used one though.

5. Membership in the AKKI could decline in the new student area but I doubt it, I think it could also increase do to the need if times get tougher. When things get lean/tough people begin to get bolder, the need to defend yourself or family might become much more of a neccessity, Heaven forbid.

6. I do not believe Mr. Mills will abandon the website. This will be the only way to get all the members the current information about the AKKI.

7. As for imitators, well they are everywhere, but if your instructor/school stays in with the AKKI, you can bet that the material will be up to date and state of the art. There really is no imitating the AKKI material.

My final remarks are these; the AKKI is strong, it becomes stronger by the fibers of the individuals that make up the whole. Alone we can not stand long, together we can withstand just about anything, our strength does not increase with numbers, but with loyalty, courage and sheer determination to succeed. By members helping members we can endure and we will endure, no matter what the world throws our way. Just remember that we are constituants of a much larger elite group, AKKI today, tomarrow and for the future, united we stand as proud members of the AKKI. Keep your heads held high, we will make it through to the brighter day. Mr. Mills is at the helm.

Steve Bybee

Re: Kenpo & The Economy


Have you contacted your Northern Nevada Regional Rep. at all to see if their are any instructors in your area? If you are in Reno Mr. Tim Berfield has class every Monday night in South Reno. We would love to see you there. The class is NO COST, and we all car pool so that solves the Economic issue. I travel from Carson City every Monday with the car pool that we have started, so if you are in Gardnerville, Minden, or Carson, we will work it out for you to come. Please send me an Email, so that we can get you training again.