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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Evanston Camp

The camp was great. Thank you Mr. Mills for hosting this camp in evanston. The seminars where great and it was fun to see the real house of pain at Mr. Mills house. Also the Mills Mountain is amazing. I'm already excited for the next camp in 6 months!.

Re: Evanston Camp

I'd like to second that.....many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mills for this opportunity to come to (what I'm now convinced is) one of the most beautiful places God created and train with the warmest, coolest family a Kenpoist could ask for. Also, thanks to all the seminar instructors (including Alan for not hitting me even after the joke about the bowling shirt!), and to everyone else who helped to make this camp a memoriable one. And like Corban, I'm ready for the next one - six months is always too long!

Re: Evanston Camp

I just want to add my thanks to those above. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Mills and all of the instructors for the time, effort and knowledge that you continue to share. I learned a ton and I'm excited to pass on the info to my students!

It was awesome to see the Mills's home- it is gorgeous!! Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was also great fun to see the House of Pain. Even though I'd never been there, it felt very nostalgic and I felt honored to be able to see such a pivotal piece of AKKI history.

It was great to see all of the familiar friendly faces, and some new friendly faces as well. I'll miss all of you, my friends, for the next six months. Can't wait to see you at the next camp!!

Thanks again to all!!

Sammi Spor

Re: Re: Evanston Camp

Great camp,,,, Tuvimos una oportunidad unica de compartir con el Sr. Mills en su casa y ver los principios de la AKKI. Ademas de poder compartir con diferentes instructores de diferentes partes que compartieran su conocimiento con nosotros. Fue un campamento fuera de liga y solo esperamos el proximo campamento.