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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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First Annual Evanston camp/ for a new member


First annual Evanston camp was the first camp I have attended since joining the A.K.K.I. this camp was a great experience, I would like to thank all who personally helped me understand the functions of a seminar and the way Kenpo truly is suppose to work.. I would like to thank Mr. Mills for his hospitality and let everyone know that I hope to see you at another camp in Evanston..

Mr. Bybee seminar was "SICKY" meaning it was freakin INTENSE...

Re: First Annual Evanston camp/ for a new member

Hay Jody and fellow AKKI members

today was the first time I havent had pain since before Evanston camp
my ribs are all healed up guess its time for class
all my kenpo tatoos have faded and gone.

I loved having fall camp in Evanston it couldnt have been better.
thanks every body

thanks Mr and Mrs Mills

thanks Mr Bybee
thanks for all the years youve given me and the rest of your students

I dont think Ive had that much fun since my black belt test

lets keep the camp in evanston there are no distractions to get in the way

see ya Tom Bray