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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Re: Re: Evanston Camp

.......coming from Castle Rock, Colorado....Elevation: 6210 feet.......(hehe) :)

Re: Evanston Camp

As I anxiously await this camp, I can't help but go down memory lane and a flood of these memories and the men and women that made this house, a house of pain!I might not remember most of the players,but those that stayed true to the art and especialy loyal to Mr. Mills are still out there doing their thing, representing and teaching this great art,some people like the Deans,Pete,Razor,John Stevens,Bruce,Wes,Mike Paul,the Brown brothers who are not with Mr.Mills any longer and ones that are still with Mr.Mills Herbie,my boy John Herman,Mark,Kent,Mick,Miss Lori,Dan,and Mr.Greenwood,the dirty old men I mean the Dirty dozen(Frank,Al,Neal,PaulObray,Darrel Newton,Ron Baron,myself **** the late Frank Beeder)Ryan Wheaton,Allen Jacobs,and then there were the Bybees and there were many,many more that came to work-out at 7pm and ended up leaving at 4or5 in the morning of the next day and at times the place was always sweaty,stinky and sore and thinking of excuses to tell our wife's.Great!Great!Great! memories, Looking forward to Seeing you all there!

Re: Re: Evanston Camp

When i used to travel to Evanston when i was in Ogden one of the most important items to make sure i had was sun glasses. Can't evan guees how many times i headed for Evanston about 6pm and how many times i was giong home down Echo canyon and the sun was coming up. Usually after the hour plus drive i could barely get out of the car i was so sour from training, and this back when i was 23 years old. It allways seemed we would all gas out about 2am thats allways the time Paul would get his second wind and whoop(i mean demo) on all of us till dawn. Ah the good times. Then when i got home still so wired i couldn't sleep for hours up writing notes. Can't waite to see you all Friday
John Herman

Re: Re: Re: Evanston Camp

Oh yea,, I remember once in a while I drove straight home at 5 in the morning, showered and went to work in salt lake,, beat to crap! after 7 or 8 hours of class. What I wouldn't give to do that again,, priceless times. Remember the times we would be getting dressed and Mr. Mills would come back to where we were changing into our street clothes and he would start up again, when you didn't have a shirt on! those open hand slaps would last for a week, he would go for 1 or 2 more hours in the hallway, incredible times. No one ever took as much time with their guys as he did, for every hour in class we had 1 hour in the hallway or front room or the back sidewalk. Thanks Mr. Mills for the countless hours you spent with us, believe me we all appreciated it!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Evanston Camp

Don't forget the 2 hour seminars on the street where we parked. Nothing like doing Kenpo in the snow!!
see everyone next Friday.
John Herman

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Evanston Camp


And don't forget about that time we worked out in the garage on club set because it was like, 1 degree outside ;) I'm glad we didn't have to be outside that day!