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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Fourth State of Matter?

I'm sure we are all familiar with the three states of matter in the Kenpo world, i.e. Solid, Liquid, and Gaseous. Each state is usually used to define a certain point in individual growth within the martial arts.
With Solid being like "Earth", or rock-very strong and rigid; Liquid being like "Water", or taking the shape of it's container; and Gaseous being like "Air", or gas that expands to fill the given void.
Each have their individual and collective strengths.

I would like to submit this link and open up discussion about a Fourth State of Matter and it's application to our endeavors in the art that Mr. Mills is striving to share with us.
Any comments for better, worse, or indifferent are welcome!

Re: Fourth State of Matter?

I’m short on time, and certainly no physicist, but here are some thoughts;

“…plasma refers to an ionized gas, in which a certain proportion of electrons are free, rather than being bound to an atom or molecule.”

“Plasma typically takes the form of neutral gas-like clouds.”

By way of philosophy, I suppose one could relate this to being or becoming “free” from set patterns or techniques, but to have reached a point of free and spontaneous motion.

“…plasmas are very good conductors…”

Ions are produced when “…when an electron bonded to an atom (or molecule) absorbs enough energy to escape from the electric potential barrier that originally confined it, thus breaking the bond and freeing it to move.”

Mr. Mills quotes that could easily be applied;

“When you make this first move and you’re on his arm, start feeling his energy, start tapping into it, like two forces, two energy fields” (As Mr. Jacob would always tell me, “steal his energy, take it right out of him”)

“That’s what Mr. Parker used to do to me, steal my energy…”

“You should have this force, I want a presence to come out of you”

Mr. Mills (in my opinion) eludes to this energy transfer being both physiological and emotional/psychological. Mr. Jacob has referenced this in the past as well, reminding how important intent is.

“Half hearted spirit hands… half hearted power…”

“When you hit, I want that fire, jolt, surge… move that energy….”

“When you hit POW…. I want you to FEEL that energy coming out of you…like a tremor, like a wave”

“You have to believe in yourself and your abilities”

Re: Re: Fourth State of Matter?

Great answer!! You hit on some ideas that I couldn't quite verbalize.

Re: Re: Fourth State of Matter?

E = mc^2
Look at the energy, not just the matter side of the equation. They're fundamentally related.

Re: Re: Re: Fourth State of Matter?

Interesting. A stange coincidence, too, by the way.