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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Salute everyone! I was a previous member of the AKKI under Keith Gorham and training directly under Phillip Bulloch and Brandon Lemons. After Mr. Gorhams school moved and he left the AKKI, it left alot of the colored belts without. I attenteded some classes of Mr. Connolys' but they were more oriented to the black belt levels. Even though MR. Connoly was very accomadating, things were difficult to follow.
It wasn't very long afterword that I moved to South Carolina. I am infatuated with this martial art like you could not believe, but have no outlet for training other than attending the vegas camps which personal life events have not allowed. Mr. Bulloch is a good friend and teacher as well, that I would like to continue training under. But distance does seem to pose a problem, and I cant seem to find anyone around here that has even heard of our association. Please can someone help me with finding a way to continue my journey with the A.K.K.I.
Thanks in advance
Clint Fountain

Re: Training!?

Best of luck, and salute for sticking with it. It's not always easy.
If you don't have to pay monthly dues to a school every month, you may be able to save enough for the Vegas camp.
Take whatever youtube video Mr. Mills releases and do your best to apply what concept he's teaching to what you already know.
Again, best of luck!